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Thursday, February 17, 2005

And then I am kneeling on the bed, ass up in the air, and I am not quite sure how I got this way. He says nothing to me, there is no need for Him to speak, He is perfectly capable of getting what He wants from me without the use of words.

I feel His cock press against my ass and I want to tell Him to stop but I am afraid that just this once He may do as He is told. My pussy throbs. I can smell my own arousal and I wonder at how quickly it appeared. There was no foreplay, at least none after I awoke, but then foreplay is often a joke around here.

"Foreplay? What's that?" He asks.
"Don't worry dear, it will just confuse You." I answer. "I am just glad You know where my clitoris is." We both laugh.

A joke. But He is going to fuck my ass and I am not sure I am awake enough for it. Shouldn't He kiss me? Shouldn't He touch me? Shouldn't He make sure? He presses once more and I squirm back against Him. He has to put His hand on my back to stop me being the one that forces Him in. My brain keeps repeating that I am not ready but my body is so willing. I am nothing but a submissive little whore.

Then the resistance gives and He slips inside, just the head of Him. My muscles clench involuntary. I moan at the pressure. It feels like too much. Stop. Oh God. Please. I want more. He has to hold me still again.

"Slut." He groans and it is a word of admiration, not of degradation. He takes great pride in His girl wanting to please Him so. I want to please Him, force myself to accept His intrusion, relax into it, enjoy it, take pleasure in it too. I submit to His desires so completely. I give myself to His decadence so beautifully. Every part of me is His to use.

He mounts Himself on me, pushes His cock deep inside. His mouth is close to my ear. He whispers words of indulgence, calls me other names and tells me over and over again just how good I make Him feel. I tighten my muscles in rhythm to the rocking of His hips and when He spills I cry out at the pleasure He endures.

He pushes me to the bed and I turn my head. We kiss and then we kiss again. He stays inside me while He relaxes, His body going limp. I enjoy feeling so very small. He makes sure I know I am His good girl and He nuzzles at my neck. It takes a long time for His cock to stop pulsing and slip away from me.

And then it is morning and I know that I didn't dream it. It was real. I can feel Him still. I ask Him what possessed Him to want me while I was sleeping and He tells me that I wriggled my ass back against Him, it was not His fault. I turned Him on. I point out I was sleeping. He shrugs and says 'so? You didn't seem to mind. Stop whining, woman.' I smile and say no more.

He is right and we both know it.

I really didn't mind at all.

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