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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


I'm late. I am really late. I actually have things to do today and I am late late late!

But, I adore this little blog of mine so much I couldn't go the day without writing something and please come back tomorrow for some more thoughts on this whole weakness thing and I will try and explain the difference between Sarah before Mac and Sarah after Mac. I am going somewhere with this, bear with me.

When Mac first accepted me as His, He promised to love me and look after me until my HE came along. The trouble with knowing each other so well was that W/we knew each other too well. I fell in and out of love so often that people had trouble keeping up with which man I was lusting this week. Mac figured He would love me and protect me and keep me sane until some gravely voiced hustler swept me off my feet. He wasn't at all prepared for the things that I would do to please Him, and how much I would love Him and (let's be honest here) how much of a slut I was.

W/we had been together for almost a month, which was two weeks longer than I had expected U/us to last, when I sent Him this email. It has to be one of my favourites because He got it at work and His reply was almost immediate.

He said:
'I don't care who comes along and sweeps you off your feet. I am not letting you go. You are mine and I am going to keep you close to me no matter what.'

So the fact that this was the final straw that made Him not want to let me go has always made these words very special to me. (I am a girl after all.)

I have to go.
I am late!

What is it about You that leaves me throbbing even after W/we have had sex? You have made me come, I made You come, and I sit here two hours later still wanting You, needing You. My cunt throbs deliciously at the thought of having You inside me again. I feel like an insatiable slut. I am not sure if I could ever reach a point with You where I would say enough. I want You even when You are not here. You fill my mind with wickedly dirty thoughts and leave my body aching. I have a need to have Your cock inside me and even if You could fill me all the time it would not be enough. I want more then just Your semen inside me, I want it on me. I want to feel it on my stomach, rub it into my thighs, play with it between my fingers and lick it from them. I want to feel it on my breasts and on my face in hot pulses. I want You to pin me to the bed on my stomach and impale my ass on Your cock over and over. I want to scream and beg for more as I writhe beneath You. I want to feel Your fingers inside me, four of them to the knuckles, stretching me beyond the point of feeling. I want You to hear me whimper in agonising pleasure, not being able to suck in enough breath to scream. I want Your cock in my mouth as I kneel before You, giving myself to You totally, I want to feel Your hands in my hair, holding my mouth on You, under Your control, knowing right then, there is nothing I would rather be doing then pleasuring You. I want to wrap my breasts around Your cock and fuck You with them, licking the head with every stroke until You come all over them. I want to tease You and torment You and make You want nothing else but to use me. Even if You have just finished with me my thoughts are on how I will please you next time. I sit here and feel myself leak into my panties, still so wet, still so swollen and throbbing two hours after You have left and I wonder what You are thinking. Is Your cumslut in Your thoughts? Does she still tease and torment You with wicked thoughts of what You have done and what You would like to do with her?

Never has she been such a glorious slut, never has she so delighted in being used. I could please You forever. Your pleasure is all I need to be fulfilled. Use me, Babe. Use me often and use me hard, use me in the dirtiest, sluttiest ways You can think of. Use me and let me feel Your pleasure. Use me and let me feel Your love. I am Yours, always, all ways.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:56 am

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