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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Days are flying past and I hardly have time to be here. W/we have family visiting for a few days so I will fit in posts when I can.

I woke this morning and looked at my new skin on my site and felt really pleased with myself. For those that don't know (which would be most of you) I have never done anything with HTML before this site, I have always used 'point and click' sites for all my web based needs. I am proud of me for picking it up so quickly. (I even worked out how to change the colours on my comment box to match my new colours. I was getting tired of the blue.) I feel a little more individual, a little more me. Many thanks to wench of Primal Scream for giving me a nudge, even though she didn't know she was doing it, and to danae of danae's whisperings for suggesting where there are many free skins to choose from.

It's time for me to get back to family, so here is one of the emails I wrote to Mac when W/we were first together. It was a day I was celebrating being me.

"I want to tell You a secret about me. Well it's not really a secret to You because You already know, but I still want to say it in my way. A little more wallowing in who I am.

I am not the type of girl that climbs into Your bed expecting to be softly kissed, beautifully caressed and slowly teased into the act of making love. I am the type of girl that waits to be fucked.

Your woman is the type of female whose arousal comes from being near You. She will crawl to You across the floor, she will kneel at Your feet and You know You can keep her waiting for You as long as You like. You know that when You tug on her hair and pull her into position she will be ready for You to take in anyway You chose.

She will hurt and ask for it harder, she will ache and beg for it longer, she will cry and plead for You to never stop. Each stroke that You take in her ass, in her pussy, in her mouth, between her breasts, fills her completely as only her Man can.

Your woman revels in feeling Your teeth draw blood from her body. She delights in each of the marks You put upon her. She loves to see them in the mirror each day and show them to You each night. She falls in love with You when You kiss each mark softly, tenderly and she falls in love with You again when You mark her afresh.

She is fulfilled when she lays sweaty, aching, used, leaking, bruised, marked by Your come, Your teeth and Your hands. She takes satisfaction in knowing she gave You everything and You took everything she had to give and found Your pleasure in it and even as You lay sated, she knows that there will come a time that You will seek her again.

Your woman not only likes to feel You leaking from her, she likes to sit and squirm and make her thighs slippery with You. She likes to smell You hours after You have been inside her. She likes to slide her fingers up inside herself so she can taste the both of U/us mixed together.

Even though those things complete her, there is a moment for her that is even greater. It is not the moment of her orgasm, nor is it the moment of Yours. There is a tiny moment during sex that is more powerful then the orgasm itself. There is a split second in which You realise that Your orgasm is inevitable, but Your body has not quite yet achieved it. In that moment, as You abandon Yourself to the sensations that she helped create, she can see her beauty, she can feel her power, and she knows her worth. As You give Yourself up to the pleasure, as she watches You let go and concentrate everything on what You feel, she knows that there is nothing and no one more important than herself right now. That moment, which You close out everything but the pleasure she is giving, is her greatest moment. There is nothing for her that beats that.

Now I am all wet and slippery from the thought of being used by You. I wonder, would it please You if I slid my finger along my pussy and painted my lips with my juices and waited to be kissed?"

Surprisingly enough, it did please Him and He did use me.

I made Him late for work.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 11:17 am

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