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Saturday, December 20, 2003

I almost stayed away from here today, not because I am sad or hurt, but because I feel cleansed and empty. Not a bad empty, just empty of things that I need to say right now.

I decided to write because of the comments I received on yesterday's post and I want to say how much they mean to me. I felt very alone when I wrote the post and very alone when I put my feelings out on the line and I was very touched to find that I was not alone at all.

I would like to say thank you to yes_please_girl, elissa, shi, okami{Rizz}, Danor and Taisha. I was always told that one must stand alone to be strong, but I now believe that there is strength in reaching out to others when you need to and there is strength in accepting the hand that is held out to you. Your hugs, tears, words of encouragement and acceptance have all given me strength and filled me with warmth.

I am going to go now and spend the day being loved and cherished and used for His pleasure. I promise to be back tomorrow with more to say.

Take care all.

She wound her fingers into His hair and gently pulled His mouth to hers. He kissed her eagerly and gasped as her tongue wriggled sensuously past His slightly parted lips. She giggled softly in delight, holding Him to her more with her wont than with her hands. She kissed Him for minutes that seemed to last forever and still He growled at her for more when she pulled away.

'I love You' she whispered and kissed Him along His rough jaw. He growled again and pulled her back so she could invade His mouth with her tongue once more. Her hands found their way to His tumescent cock and her breathing deepened. She felt His desire throb through Him as she gently jerked Him against her belly. She moaned when He shuddered and He felt her nipples grow hard against His chest. He bit her lip and she cried out as He spilt across her tummy and pussy. She jerked Him until He had leaked the last of His semen then she licked her fingers slowly and with much pleasure. She smiled at Him happily. She needed nothing more from her Male than what He had already given. He tucked her carefully into His arms and rocked her slowly against Him.
'I love You' she whispered again. He kissed the top of her head and she knew He would watch over her protectively while she slept.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 10:35 am

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