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Sunday, December 21, 2003

I am hungry.

I watch Him move around the room unaware of all that I am thinking and feeling. He smiles at me with the air of One without a care in the world. He stands casually in His blue jeans and crumpled shirt waiting for me to reply and I smile sweetly and hope that my eyes do not give me away. He doesn't know that the tables have turned, that the prey has become the predator. I want to feed.

He used me yesterday for His pleasure and I still feel the marks of His hands and the bruises from His teeth and it is not enough to slake the gnawing in my stomach, the ache in my groin. Lay still my darling Male, I promise this wont hurt. I want nothing more than the groan from Your lips and the semen from Your balls. Fuck foreplay, who needs it? Not me, I don't care if You touch me, I don't care if I come. I could take care of that without You. I know where my clitoris is. I don't need You to show me. It is You that I want, Your lust that fills me. I want to fuck. Give me Your cock and I will empty Your balls of all You have and still I will want more.

I want the builder from across the road that caresses each piece of wood as he drives a nail home. I want his young apprentice, the one that blushes each time I say hello. And I want the other guy, the one that doesn't speak but looks at me like he is hungry too. I want to rut with them like a dog in heat. I want to take their cocks inside me and force each of them to spill. I want to drag their semen from them again and again until I have it all. I want to make them growl and shudder and spurt. I want to fuck them over and over again until they are spent. And then I will still want more.

I want to be taken to Your rugby club and offered up to the players on Your team, those giant men awash with adrenaline and testosterone. Strap me to the table and sacrifice me to their lust. Let them dirty me with their muddy hands and mark me with their sweaty scent. Let them use me. Let them drive their cocks into me until I scream for them to stop while begging for just one more. One more cock to spill inside me, one more set of teeth to mark my tits, one more set of balls to empty. Please, just one more? Let just one more call me slut and let me revel in the way the word rolls from his lips as his cock pulses and I feel his seed empty into me. I need them all so deep inside me, deeper than ever before. I need their semen to spill from me as new men take me. I need to be drenched in come. I need their pleasure. I need.

The hand at my neck startles me back to reality and I blush as I realise He can see the words on my screen. 'So my girl is hungry,' Mac's voice hisses in my ear as His fingers trail down to cup my breast. My head lowers and I am too embarrassed to speak. His teeth nip gently at my neck and His thumb plays across my erect nipple. 'Is she?' He asks gently but firmly stealing any control I had and causing my body to throb with lust. I nod and He grins at my lack of voice. 'Finish your post, and then come to the bedroom. I think it is time I fed My slut.' I shudder as He walks away. The tables have been righted. I am the prey once more.

The meal shall be delicious.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:00 am

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