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Monday, December 29, 2003

I had a comment a couple of days ago from Quiver. I went to see her site and I found myself in the middle of a hand job. Well not in the middle of it, but in the middle of questions about it. It will come as no surprise to anyone that I love jerking Mac. I love anything to do with Mac but more often than not it will be my hand on His cock that starts the sex between U/us. I am not sure who started the rumour that men want more sex than women, but it certainly isn't true of me. I have never in all my life known a man that could keep up with me sexually, though Mac certainly comes close. I know He wont mind me telling you this, because whenever I joke with friends about all men only being interested in sex, He always asks me which of U/us wants sex more. He loves to make me blush.

I often view His cock as my own personal plaything and I am quite interested in the things it does. I find it a most magnificent wondrous thing. I want to constantly play with it, touch it, taste it, and feel it against me or in me. I want to fall asleep holding it and wake up stroking it. I want to caress it with the most intimate part of my body and even then I am not able to hold it close enough and I want Him to push it deeper within me. I want to nuzzle up against it with my cheek and watch it closely as it reacts to me. I wonder how it feels as it is stiffening, I wonder what it feels like as the pressure builds and I wonder how it feels as the semen spurts from it. I want to know what makes it feel good and what feels not so good and how to make it feel the best I can. I want Him to show me how to treat it just right and gosh I so much want Him to tell me what a good girl I am when it is perfect.

The reason that I love to jerk Him is because I get to see these things up close. I get to watch exactly how each stroke affects the size, the colour, and the stiffness of His cock. I love to watch the way it engorges and how red and swollen the head looks, the skin stretched so tightly across it so that the tiny lines on it disappear. Of course when I am watching it that closely, I am always tempted to reach out with my tongue and just lick it, feel it's heat and smoothness and taste the precum leaking from it.

Mac loves the fascination I have with His cock. He tells me that it is quite a turn off to know that a girl is just jerking you to appease you and has very little interest in the affect she is actually having. He loves that I will actually move to see it better, kneel on the floor or shimmy down the bed to watch especially when He gets close to orgasm.

When He does come, when I have watched the semen spurt from Him while He grunts and growls, I always feel so smug. I am so pleased with myself. 'Look at what I did to Him!' Mac says it is like watching a girl who asked for a Barbie for Christmas and got Barbie's house, car, wardrobe and 3 Ken dolls as well.

Another reason I love jerking Mac is because it is something that can be achieved almost anywhere, at the cinema with a jacket over His lap, in a restaurant under the table, against the wall in a darkened hallway, or in the car. I am sure people can get much more creative with it than me.

When I first became Mac's, W/we didn't tell anyone. It was a secret for a few months because W/we both knew O/our relationship would be met with some resistance from friends and W/we needed time to find out if it was right for U/us before W/we had outside interference.

I wrote this for Him one day after He had left. It was to remind Him of the way W/we said goodbye.

Her breath caught as He walked into the room. Everything seemed to stop as everyone turned to watch. She smiled at the attention He attracted just by arriving. She greeted Him much the same as everyone else did, only her eyes held His for a moment longer than was prudent. She turned back to her current conversation both hoping no one noticed and not really caring if they did. He found His way to her and took the conversation as His own. It did not matter what they had been talking of before He arrived, it immediately changed to sex once He was there.

The women responded to His masculinity, all vying for His attention that He gave in small allowances. He would mention this ones smile to make a heart flutter, that ones breasts to make a pussy leak. She knew the effect He was having. He knew it too. He would toss her a wicked grin before moving on to the next one, the next woman He wished to flirt with, only to grin at her again before moving on once more.

He incurred the wrath of the men who felt intimidated and she giggled at the inane name-calling and attempts to disprove His maleness. There was not a woman in the room that doubted His sexuality, which seemed to make the men doubt it more. He shared in her amusement and played to it, slapping the men with wit they didn't understand until He tired of it and turned His attention to her.

This was always her favourite part of the party. He would mention things to others that only they knew the true meaning of, casual references to things that they had shared. She blushed deeply and squirmed uncomfortably and He knew she loved every moment of it despite the protests she would make later when they were alone. Her nipples ached and she felt herself leak into her panties. She felt her need for Him rise and wondered if He felt it too. She knew He was as stickily in love as she was and she hoped He would find an excuse to leave soon.

He exited as He always did, simply and without fuss. A general announcement of His impending departure followed by a quick exit designed to not allow Him to be tangled in further conversation. She excused herself as unobtrusively as possible to join Him where He waited outside. She knew He would be there, expecting her to follow and He knew she wouldn't disappoint Him.

She stepped immediately into His arms and they breathlessly whispered their love between stolen kisses and wandering hands. He pushed her back against the wall and her hands went to His groin as His peeled her panties down so His fingers could pry into her cunt to feel how ready she was for Him. Her hand dealt as swiftly with His pants, her need to feel His erection making her blush. He groaned as her fingers found His cock and she could almost feel it throbbing. Leaning back against the wall she rubbed the head of Him against her swollen clitoris. He bit her lip and she felt her knees give way. He held her up against the wall and invaded her mouth with His tongue over and over. Her orgasm built in the pit of her stomach and when she knew it would not be denied any longer she thrust her tongue into His mouth, moaning against Him as her body shuddered in His arms. In the depth of her pleasure she registered His groan and felt His weight press against her as His come sprayed across her cunt and fingers. She stroked Him gently helping Him to empty himself against her. She felt each of His groans of pleasure deep within her stomach and grinned at Him as He pulled His lips from hers. She sank to her knees in front of Him and took Him into her mouth, sucking on all that was left within Him and cleaning Him carefully with her tongue. She giggled as His cock pulsed and He gasped and giggled again as the first giggle had made Him pulse and gasp some more. She glanced up at Him and He smiled at her and held out His hand for her to stand. She took it and pulled herself to her feet. He watched her as she pulled her panties up over the mess He had made on her. She adjusted her skirt back into position and smiled at Him. She licked her lips and He groaned. He kissed her deeply, pulling her close to Him.

'I have to go.' He whispered to her quietly. 'I won't be back for a couple of days.'

She looked at Him, dozens of questions flying through her mind. She wanted to ask where He was going? What would He be doing? Was it business or pleasure? Even what country would He be in next time they spoke? She wanted to ask Him many things and instead she kissed Him, knowing His time was short and knowing that He would be with her as soon as He could. She knew that He would miss her as much as she would Him.

'I have to go.' He sighed again and she could see His reluctance to leave.

'Have a good time, Babe.' She whispered to Him as His mouth found her neck and left her with a bruise that would last for days.

His hand cupped her cheek and when she looked into His eyes she saw the depth of their love for each other and she felt her eyes grow moist. He pulled her close again and kissed each of her eyes so softly she wasn't sure if He really had.

'Bye angel.' He said as He kissed her lips gently. He turned then and walked away. She watched Him go, first aching to call Him back then feeling the loss of His presence as an actual pain in her heart. She shifted slightly and felt the wetness of His come in her panties and she grinned. In some ways He would always remain with her and she knew He would be back. She turned and ran her fingers through her hair, wondering how long it would be before someone noticed that they always left together. She smiled at their secret and thought not for the first time that it was more just an unacknowledged assumption.

She walked back into the room and she purred.

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