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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

It's Christmas!

Well it's Christmas Eve which means there is baking to be done and last minute shopping to be picked up and of course presents to be wrapped. I hate it when I think I have it all done then I realise that I didn't get a present for someone. Still, I love Christmas. I am like a little girl let lose in a candy store. I want to buy everything for everyone and I have to be told to stop, especially when it comes to the kids. There are a plethora of nieces and nephews that I feel need more toys despite what their parents think. I also believe in loud toys and water pistols. The kids love me. Their parents are biding their time until I decide to have kids of my own.

I want to take this chance to wish everyone a safe and yummy Christmas. I hope Santa brings you all the wicked things you desire.

As for me, I have a busy day today, and so with Mac's permission, I have decided to post something that Mac wrote for me one day when His thoughts were filled with me. He doesn't write often, but boy I love it when He does.

He had told her to dress exotically, but sluttily, and she smiled to herself as she thought of how her breasts stood proud and naked out of the leather tunic, how the skirt only just covered her pussy, how if she were to stretch her arms above her head just a little it would rise and reveal to whomever wanted to see that his ring still marked her cunt as his.

He had not said much to her, had just led her to the room in the Crown Plaza, her wrists tightly bound behind her back and her eyes covered. She had begged Him for another adventure and He had eventually called her and told her to be ready.

She stood where He placed her and tried to imagine the scene. How many were there? Males? Females? She was hearing no one but him, sensing nothing but his presence. He leaned and kissed her neck and His hand touched her between the legs, briefly, enough just for Him to feel she was moist. She felt Him bring his fingers to his mouth as He said...wait here, girl, until I am ready for you. Then He left, and she heard the door close.

She stood patiently and waited. As usual she had no idea what He had in mind for her. As usual she had tried to anticipate and as she prepared herself had shuddered and shivered with wicked imaginings of whips and chains and switches and ties and cuffs and pain and penetration and of being used for the pleasure of countless men. In spite of her resolve to wait, as usual she had spent most of the day in the midst of, or recovering from, orgasm.

The door opened, and she heard someone enter. One? Two? She wasn't sure. Whoever it was approached her, and she sensed more were coming into the room. It seemed that as people entered and saw her their conversation stopped, and she lost all sense of how many there were, or where he was. All she knew was that He would be there, somewhere, looking out for her. She knew that He would allow nothing to happen which could put her in danger, in spite of Him knowing that her desires were becoming more decadent, more extreme.

Suddenly her senses stopped trying to assess the whole scene and she was brought to focus on what was happening right next to her. A voice spoke, right next to her

'So, this is the entertainment. Look, people, what we have here.'

She felt a hand grip her hair and force her downwards. She knelt, and immediately felt the heat of a cock against her chin. She was offered no choices, no chance to decide whether to lick and tease, or turn her head away. Her head was forced to the penis and it was thrust roughly into her mouth. She gagged, there was no finesse, just thrusting and a tight tight grip on her hair. She felt the cock swell and become hotter and suddenly wet heat was filling her mouth and she could hear and feel the man's breathing as he panted and groaned.

Almost as soon as he had started he was finished, withdrawing from her mouth and letting go of her hair.

She knelt, and waited, head bowed, as she knew He liked her to. She could feel hot semen drip from her chin to her breasts.

'Look up' a voice said to her. She continued looking down. Out of contrariness she would not look up until He told her to.

'Look up, bitch!' said the voice and suddenly she was slapped hard across the cheek, so hard she lost her balance and fell backwards.

'I like them with some spirit' snarled the voice, and she lay awkwardly on her tied wrists. She felt her skirt ride up and knew she was exposed, and felt many eyes on her though she couldn't see them. She felt her legs being forced apart and was aware someone knelt between them. She braced for what she knew would be a sudden thrust into her...but was surprised to feel not a penis, but a mouth. He was leaning down and licking her. She felt her body respond instantly and she let out an involuntary moan. It was enough. He laughed, straightened, knelt up, and she felt his cock as he held the tip against her. She waited, tried to relax, and suddenly with a grunt he was thrusting deep, deep into her. She heard her own gasp, and found it difficult to catch her breath. He started to pump his hips and she lay still, legs apart, while she was taken. Then he leaned forward and started to kiss and bite at her nipples and in spite of wanting to appear the innocent, the victim, her body took over and she wound her legs around this unknown man and pulled him deeper and tightened on him and suddenly was desperate for him to be pleased with her. When eventually he raised his mouth from her breasts and kissed her lips roughly, she sighed, moaned, explored his mouth with her tongue, and felt him shudder as his orgasm exploded deep inside her.

She lay there for what seemed like a long long time, being fucked by man after man, and soon she was taking a cock in her mouth at the same time she was being fucked and was losing herself in the sheer decadence.

In time the frenzied fucking and sucking slowed, then ceased, and the room became quieter. Eventually there was just one person talking to her, a girl. She was helped to her feet and she realised there were just the two of them left. The girl showed her to the bathroom and helped clean her up.

'You had better tie me up again and put the blindfold back on. He hasn't given permission to remove them'

She was guided back to the middle of the room, so she could wait for Him. She smiled to herself, and hoped she had pleased Him.

He came back, and approached her. He stood in front of her.

'Princess' he said 'listen, I am sorry. There is a change of plan. The people I had arranged to be with were told the Regent Plaza, not the Crown Plaza. They are on their way here now. They will be another 30 minutes. You will wait here like a good girl while I go down to wait for them.'

Written by Mac.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:12 am

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