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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

It's new years eve and the way Mac figures, if He has to be working, I have to be working so W/we are going to put in some time cleaning the room that overlooks the (snow) courtyard so W/we can fit the partiers in there tonight to ring in the new year. This will have to be a quick post.

I spoke to wench and through her to Majesty yesterday on Yahoo Messenger. She made me laugh so much I was told to hush by Mac, and Majesty was asking her if she was ok. They thought we weren't behaving! We told each other funny stories about things we had gotten caught doing and I am going to encourage her to tell her story on her blog.

Wench asked me about Emma yesterday, as I haven't mentioned her for a while. Everything with Emma is just fine, she is as busy with her family and Christmas stuff as W/we have been and it's a little hard to ask her along to family gatherings. My parents are understanding about most things (I told wench how my Dad found ropes on the legs of Mac's bed when we were clearing out His apartment, my parents refer to U/us as the kinky children) but I am not sure they would understand U/us introducing them to O/our girlfriend.

I did speak to Emma last night, as did Mac. W/we all miss each other and want to spend time together, even if it is just to watch a movie or something. Emma is coming tonight and I am sure Mac wont mind if I sneak her off for a quick heavy petting session. I am aching to touch her and kiss her and smell her and make her come. I think Emma and I could disappear for ten minutes without anyone noticing, and if W/we time it right, Mac could disappear too. Emma is staying here over night, but so are others too, so she wont be sleeping in O/our bed, which is kind of disappointing, but I am sure she will be the last to leave tomorrow, though I doubt any of O/our heads will be in a mood for much more than sleep. That's ok though, I love sleeping in the bed with Mac and Emma, it's a little squishy, but oh so yummily warm.

Ok I have to go, Mac is frowning because I am still sitting here. I hope everyone has a loud and wickedly sexy new year.

The first time Mac left Emma and I alone together was quite strange for me. I told Emma I would like to write to Mac about it and she asked if she could see it too. She loved it as much as He did and last night I asked if she would mind if I shared it on the blog. She was thrilled at the idea, so here it is.

"We lay together on the bed. The afternoon sun warmed us and made us both feel soft and lazy. We both lay on our sides, facing each other and whispering softly of girlish things. Emma reached out and tucked a stray curl behind my ear. I smiled at how gentle her movements were, how soft and loving.

I leaned forward to kiss her and was still surprised at how smooth her lips were, so tender and so different to that of a male. She kissed me back, her tongue slipping quietly, tentatively into my mouth. I touched her tongue with mine, encouraging it to further explore. My hand reached out to touch her, the gentleness of her cheek, the curve of her hip, the fleshy bump of her breasts. She moaned softly into my mouth and I felt my cunt clench. Emma's hands reached out to touch me the same as I was doing to her and still we kissed.

There was no hurry, both of us content just to touch and discover what made the other gasp and what made the other moan or even giggle. We whispered between kisses, encouraging each other to go further. My hand slid between her legs and I was amazed at the wetness I found there. Her thighs were sticky with her juices. I had done it. I had made her that wet. I took my fingers from her and wrote her name across her belly. Emma giggled and moved down the bed so her head was level with my breasts. She nuzzled at them and I become aware of an ache within them. Her tongue reached out and softly flicked across the tip of the swollen nipple. I gasped as my cunt contracted tightly.

Her fingers slid across my wetness and slipped inside me. Her sudden intrusion caused me to clench again. I tangled my fingers in her hair and held her head to my breast. She ran a finger lightly across my swollen clitoris and I shuddered. She repeated the movement again and again and I groaned and grunted and thrust myself against her fingers harder. Her tongue flicked against my nipple in time to her fingers against my clitoris and I felt the warmth spread out from my groin and I exploded in a shuddering orgasm that made me whimper and close my thighs tightly, pressing her hand against me and making me shudder even more.

Emma let my nipple slip from her mouth and she grinned up at me, gurgling the way girls do. I had an urge to taste her and to make her groan the way she had made me. She wriggled up the bed so we could kiss, her fingers still sticky with me on my cheek. I moved over her, gently forcing her onto her back while we kissed, tongues pressing against each other. I moved slowly down her body, taking time to tease her nipples and to lick her stomach to clean it where I had written her name. She gasped and she moaned and she gurgled some more and parted her legs. I pressed my tongue against her clitoris and my stomach fluttered at the noise she made.

I took my time, tracing around her whole cunt with my tongue, holding it open so I could see the way it contracted and swelled. I kissed and licked and sucked her clitoris into my mouth delighting in every gasp I elicited from her. She held my head to her and writhed against me. Her back arched and she cried out and I held my tongue against her clitoris and imagined I could feel it throb. She held me to her tighter and I stayed there until she let me go.

I wriggled back up the bed and we kissed and licked and she could taste herself on my lips. Our legs tangled together and our bodies pressed against each other. We whispered soft loving words and kissed and touched and held each other more.

I thought of Mac. He said that He didn't mind if Emma and I spent time alone and still I wanted to share this time with Him.

So I did."

(After these holidays are over, I am going to get back to talking about stuff and not just filling up space with sex!)

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