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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Some days, it is just so worth waking up that I wish I could go back to sleep and wake up again. This morning when I woke I had Emma curled around me with my arms tangled around her and Mac snuggled in behind me almost wrapped around both of us. It was just delicious. There is something to be said about bisexuality when you wake feeling so much love.

I adore it when Mac and Emma are both in O/our bed. The way in which they contrast is delicious. Whenever Emma is there I just want to indulge myself in her. I love the feel of her, her gentleness and soft curves and gorgeous smell. She is so soft and tender and loving that I ache to touch her and stroke her and tease her to the point of tears just so I can kiss them from her face. I want to spend time curled up against her, caressing her and being caressed by her, whispering and giggling and just gently loving each other. I want to spend time tasting her tongue and kissing her breasts and making her moan with pleasure. I want to love her. I want to please her. I want to be the reason her body shakes so deliciously with desire.

And Mac is so demanding and rough. His body is all tight angles and muscles and that woodsy male smell. He bites and pulls and drags me into the positions He desires. He bruises me and stretches me with His cock and sends me to the point of tears so He can lick them from my face. I want to spend time pinned down by Him, His fingers pinching my nipples, His teeth marking my body, whimpering and aching and roughly loving each other. I want to spend time tasting His tongue and kissing His cock and making Him growl and grunt with pleasure. I want to love Him. I want to please Him. I want to be the reason His body shakes so deliciously with desire.

Having them together, Mac fucking me savagely while Emma softly kisses my face, Him biting my neck and shoulders while she gently sucks my tongue, Him grunting and growling while she mewls and whimpers with me is just so wickedly decadent. It's like having raw hungry greedy sex combined with gentle loving filling sex, like having it all rolled up together and gosh, it makes me feel like a totally spoiled little girl.

While Emma was showering this morning, I jumped on Mac who was still lying in the bed, being a slug. I kissed Him and I thanked Him and He asked me what for. I told Him thankyou for Emma and for last night and for all pleasure W/we gave and took. He laughed and said 'Oh yeah, I forgot. I let Emma in O/our bed just for you.' I grinned at Him.

Emma is the only other woman Mac has come inside since Mac and I have been together. The only time Mac is with Emma is when I am there too. He was upfront with Emma about this from the beginning and it works for U/s to be this way. He loves Emma, as do I, but He is not Emma's One. She understands this and is happy with it and W/we will all keep enjoying it until it needs to change.

I have given some thought as to why Mac chooses not to be with other women and I think I have an idea of some of the reasons.

The first is that Mac has had sex with a lot of women. So many that He lost count long before W/we met. He played on a national sporting team and the team had groupies that would do just about anything, some things I am sure that I don't even know about. He got to a stage in His early 20's when He decided that to have the sex, He really should want the woman, and He lives by that today. The woman He wants right now is me. I think in a way, He even sees Emma as an extension of me, as do I. She is a person in her own right, it is just that Emma and I are very entwined, almost like two kittens that are constantly tangled around each other. That's how we are when we are together.

The second reason is because He feels it would damage U/us. Whilst He enjoys watching me pleasure men and take pleasure in pleasing them, He understands that I would not enjoy seeing other women pleasuring Him. I think this is an ownership thing. He owns me, and is secure in His ownership but I do not own Him and would see other women pleasing Him as a threat to me.

The third reason is because of His instinct to protect me. When there are other people around Mac remains in control at all times. He is aware of where everyone is and what everyone is doing and if He were indulging Himself in other women then His attention would be diverted. I place my trust in Him to keep me safe, and I don't think Mac would ever forgive Himself if He failed to do that.

I am sure there are things I have missed. I am sure Mac could point out other reasons, or, more likely, He would just say 'I don't sleep with other women because I don't want too.' That thought just made me smile.

I know I am a very lucky girl.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:37 am

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