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Thursday, December 04, 2003

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Last night, I asked Mac if He would talk to me about what it is He gets out of seeing me be His little slut, what He thinks and feels when I am pleasuring another man. He thought about it a moment, then admitted that He had never tried to analyse it, He just knows it arouses Him immensely and He really enjoys it.

Which brings me to this little story about Roger and Elaine. This is something Mac emailed to me almost 3 years ago. It explains perfectly who W/we are. I do not know who the author is, if anyone does, please email me so I can give credit where it is due.

To this day, when I am having an emotional crisis of epic proportions, dissecting things down to the smallest detail, guessing at His deep dark thoughts about U/us, emailing Him lengthy letters about what I think He thinks is wrong, I will get a reply:

That fucking gearbox.
Love Rog.'

And strangely enough that just makes everything right.

One day, W/we had spent the morning in bed together, having yummy decadent sex. Mac was getting restless and He climbed out of the bed telling me it was time for Him to live His day and off He trotted to the bathroom. I lay there stunned. 'LIVE HIS DAY! What was I, a distraction until the real day started? Something to do until boredom set in and it was time to go do real things?' By the time He got out of the shower I was in a real fit of tears. He looked at me and said 'What?'
'Aren't You in a hurry to get on with real stuff?'
'What?' He said.
'Live YOUR day' I spat at Him.
'Oh.' He said, obviously puzzled. 'I meant 'I really need to pee and I am getting hungry'.'
'Oh. Sorry.' And off I went to shower while He shook His head and decided not to even try and work out what I was thinking.

Him Roger, me Elaine.

Last night someone sent U/us this virtual girl. She is just gorgeous. I sat here staring at her before telling Mac to come look. W/we watched her together for a little while, enjoying the sway of her breasts and the swing of her hips and the softness she conveyed. Her tits are just so fuckable.

I had the strongest desire to suck on her breasts through the thin material. I wanted to know what her hard nipple would feel like against my tongue with the gauzy cloth between us. And I wanted to know what it would feel like to have her suck on my nipple with the cloth covering me.

Then Mac suggested pulling aside her panties and jerking Him over her pussy and letting her panties fall back into position so I could suck His semen from her through her panties.

W/we whispered other wicked things W/we would like to do to her together and W/we fucked, hungrily and greedily almost like W/we were devouring each other with sex. I came and Mac exploded and I could tell by the intensity of His orgasm that He was spent. He lay slumped on the bed and I scooted to the chair and rang Emma, emailing her the link. I told her what Mac and I wanted to do with this girl and we both masturbated. Mac watched me drag His semen from inside me to rub into my clitoris. He growled at me to get back on the bed and He thrust His tongue inside me while I moaned to Emma, telling her what He was doing to me. His teeth grazed my clitoris viciously and I squirmed across the bed trying to get away from Him while holding His head on me with my free hand. I was close to screaming when I came and Emma was whimpering in my ear and I listened to her orgasm as my own subsided.

Mac lay with His head on my belly and listened to me giggle with Emma about having phone sex when she is only across town and W/we all agreed that W/we should get together soon.

When W/we went to bed last night, a few hours later, Mac surprised me by telling me that His cock was still throbbing. He held me tightly and told me all the things He rarely says and that just makes them mean so much more when He does. I am loved, I am cherished and I am adored. I am safe, I am protected and I am desired. I belong to Him, I please Him and He has no intention of ever letting me go.

Dear Roger,
I love You. Don't ever change.

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