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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Thank you for the lovely support I have gotten from people who read my blog. Thank you also to the ladies that wrote with encouragement, questions and the wonderful 'yes! I feel that way too!' comments. I am always happy to receive feedback.

I would like use this post to answer a question that I also answered privately to the one that asked it, what makes being shared good for me.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Mac is in control, the whole time. No one touches me and no one comes near me unless He decides it will happen. I surrender all I am and all I have to Him. I place my trust in His hands and know that He will not fail me. If the situation feels wrong to Him, or if there is something or someone that is making me uncomfortable, I know that Mac will take me and walk away. There have been times that W/we have done just that.

I also know that Mac takes a lot of pride and pleasure in the fact that His girl is so desired and wanted by other men and women. He finds it gorgeous that I trust Him so completely that I give myself up to the lust during these 'adventures' and lose track of everything around me except the man or woman I am pleasing. It fills Him with a need to take me and make me His again. He is never as gentle or loves me as carefully as He does after the sex and the sharing has been the roughest. He understands that after being used for other's pleasure I need to be His princess again.

But also, there is the pleasure I get from it myself. And I do get a lot of pleasure from it. It makes me feel so beautiful to be so desired, to be the object of so many's pleasure and I have to admit to a certain validation I feel, waking the next day, knowing that there are people waking up and thinking 'what a delicious little slut that Sarah was, wish I could have her as mine.'

That brings me to a little bit of wickedness I would like to share. Mac and I had travelled to the city and spent the night in a hotel. W/we were there to attend a reunion of His old team mates.

I woke in a playful mood and tried very hard to entice Him into sex. In the end He sat across my tummy and pinned me to the bed and told me that I had to behave. He grabbed a rope (funnily enough, W/we usually have some close by) and tied my hands together then tied them above my head to the bed. He covered my eyes with a blindfold (something else W/we keep close by) and made sure it would not slip off and that I could see nothing. By this time I was already wet with lust but what He said next made me gasp and heightened my desire.

'W/we are going to have an adventure.'

Usually I am given time to prepare myself for O/our adventures. Mac will call me from work and tell me what time to be ready and what to wear, and I am left shivering in anticipation all day. To be tied to the bed and have it announced was new and it thrilled me.

'Two men,' He said. 'You will see neither, and they will not speak to you or give you any clue as to who they are. They will be allowed to fuck you anyway they choose, but they will not be allowed to hurt you. You will never know who they are, but they both will be at the party this afternoon.' He waited until I said 'yes', and then climbed off me and I could hear Him getting dressed. He told me He would see me in a little while, and He left.

I don't know how long I waited but my cunt was throbbing and if I had use of my hands I would have been masturbating. I lay there, relaxed, knowing they would use me and wanting it to happen.

When the door opened, I smiled. I could hear someone undressing and a man lay over me and thrust his cock into me and I knew from his breathing that he was already about to come. I pushed my hips up to meet His thrusts and I licked my lips and I begged him to come for me and he did, showering my pussy with his semen.

He dressed quickly and he left and when the door closed behind him I felt a little empty and hoped that I wouldn't be left alone for too long.

The door opened again. Two large and rough hands handled me very deftly. He turned me onto my stomach and push-pulled me onto my knees, my upper body resting on my elbows. He guided his cock into my cunt and thrust into me a few times then he withdrew. I felt him press against my ass and I wriggled back against him while begging him to fuck my ass. He did, roughly and painfully and I moaned and begged him for more. He slid his fingers beneath me and rubbed the first man's semen over my clitoris and I came, whimpering into the bed. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto my elbows and ran the fingers from my pussy down my cheek. I turned my head and sucked on them greedily and he growled and he came, filling my ass with hot spurts of semen. I thanked him quietly and he left.

When Mac came back to the room, He surprised me by telling me that the first man had asked if he could fuck my mouth and Mac had agreed to allow it. I was thrilled at being asked for again, and thrilled that my permission was not sought. I belonged to Him.

When the man came in he climbed over my chest and sat with His cock at my face. I licked him and suckled at him and he came all over my face as well as in my mouth. I thanked him and he left again and I waited not sure what was going to happen next.

This time when the door opened I knew it was two people. Mac told me to relax and untied my hands from the bed, though my hands were left bound together. From the size of the hands that shifted me across the bed I knew the second man was with Him. I was positioned with my hips on the very edge of the bed and the man lifted my legs up his body and slid his cock inside me. He pounded at me, roughly and urgently and I arched my back and came, begging him not to stop.

I felt the bed move near my head and I was not surprised to hear Mac's voice say 'I want to put my cock in your mouth now'. I turned my head to take His cock and for a while I completely forgot everything else while He growled and filled my throat with His semen. I tried to swallow but I could feel it trickling from my lips.

When His orgasm was complete, He shifted down beside me and whispered in my ear 'Make him come, baby. Make him come hard.' And I remembered that there was a man still fucking me. I twisted my legs around him the best I could and tried to pull him over me. He allowed himself to fall onto me and Mac quickly untied my hands. I pulled this stranger to me and I kissed him, surprised that he did not hesitate to kiss me back due to the other men's come that was on my face. Between each kiss I begged him to come for me, fill me with his come, I want it, I need it, please give it to me, and I kissed him again, long and slow and deep and He groaned and he bucked and I felt his orgasm shudder through him. He swore and I later thought that it was funny that the only word I heard from either of them was 'FUCK'.

When W/we were alone, Mac kissed me and held me and told me how pleased He was. He made love to me and called me His princess and His angel and I felt very cherished and I fell asleep wrapped up in His arms.

When He woke me later He told me I could wash my face but I was not to wash away any semen from my thighs or pussy, He wanted me to feel the come still on me.

When W/we arrived, I was nervous and excited and half convinced that He was lying about them being there and I think He sensed this because He leaned over and told me that He had spotted them the moment W/we had walked in. I spent the evening feeling all eyes watching me and throbbing with absolute lust. Everyone settled down to watch a video of a game they had played and Mac found a chair and I made myself comfortable at His feet.

As the video was about to start He leaned forward and whispered in my ear.
'They are watching you, baby and they know what a slut you are.'

Just thinking about it still makes me shiver with lust.

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