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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Thank you to mbl for his wonderful and fast reply to my technical questions. He really does deserve to be kissed!

Thank you also to okami{Rizz}. Your comments were lovely and I appreciate your words. I will email you the Brazilian waxing details, as I believe a girl should keep some things secret. Mac doesn't ever need to know what I have done to my hair to make it look pretty or what I pluck, or trim or otherwise preen. He should just be allowed to enjoy the finished product. At the same time, Mac loves to watch me put on make-up or paint my nails or brush my hair. I will often be doing one of these really girlie things and catch Him watching. He will smile at me and it always fills me with warmth and it never fails to make me feel appreciated.

I have a weakness for Alpha Males. I admit it. I like men that are loud and arrogant and intelligent and witty. I like men who are physically strong and mentally sharp and who take the lead. I like men who exude confidence and seem to not care what others around them think of them.

When Mac is not with me, I have a tendency to seek out the strongest male in the place and submit to them. This only happens when I feel the strongest male is stronger than me and meets all of my requirements, so it happens rarely. But when it does my desire to submit is very strong. This is not always a sexual thing for me, though my sexuality and my submissiveness is strongly linked. Some times though it is just a desire to be me, to be my submissive self and to not have to watch the world. I see it as a place to rest.

The submission is usually nothing more than a simple lowering of my eyes and speaking softly but clearly when spoken too. It is the type of submission that a parent may expect of a child or a boss may expect of an employee except it is offered casually and in my experience, it confuses the male it is offered too. They are never quite sure how to handle the sassy smart mouth girl that suddenly becomes quiet and gentle. Some men get all flustered and run, some men accept it as their due and some men offer me a further chance to 'surrender'. I am always fair to them and always say that I have One in my life and am not looking for another. Again they either walk away or accept it and allow me a moment of respite in their dominance. And really that's all it is.

The first time I ran to Mac agitated and upset because this had happened He questioned me carefully to make sure of exactly what it was I had been looking for and exactly what it was I had taken from the man. He kissed my cheek and told me that it was fine and W/we were ok. The next day, after Mac had given it some more thought He told me a story of when He was four years old.

He had been at the train station with His mother, huge train station, huge people everywhere and He was only tiny. He had gotten separated from His mum and so, with all the wisdom of a four year old, He walked alongside another lady and slipped His hand into hers. She looked down at Him surprised, and then smiled at Him because she could see something He couldn't, and that was His mother running around like she had been snake bit.

Sometimes I am like that child lost in a crowd at a train station and all I need is someone to hold my hand until I find my One again.

A quick fantasy, or maybe it was the reality of last night...

He drove His cock into her and listened to her gasp in pleasure. He enjoyed taking her like this, as she knelt before Him on the bed, resting on her knees and elbows. It was easy sex. The type to have when the day had been long and the body was tired. He drove into her again and she moaned and He smiled at her lust. He reached beneath her and gently stroked her clitoris and she gasped and moaned together. He felt her back arch as she pressed herself against His fingers and He knew her orgasm was about to start. She grunted and He pinched at her clitoris, squeezing it between His thumb and fingers and she squirmed and bucked and writhed beneath Him. She swore and whimpered and screamed His name and He enjoyed the jolts of pleasure that coursed through His cock with each movement she made and each sound that she uttered and the grinding of her cunt as her orgasm tore her apart.

He sensed the moment that her pleasure was to turn to pain and He released her. She would have collapsed to the bed beneath Him but He supported her under her tummy and pulled her back onto His cock. He drove into her again and she sobbed. He ground His hips against her and she squirmed and wriggled and arched her back to take Him deeper. He thought of holding back and she turned her head to look at Him over her shoulder. Her tongue wet her lips and she giggled at the way He watched her. He fell against her and still she pushed against Him. Her tongue snuck out into His mouth and she moaned when He growled and she used everything she had to make Him spill. Her cunt contracted and she pushed back against Him and her tongue wriggled in His mouth. She cooed softly and even as His cock throbbed and pulsed and emptied inside her He sensed the thrill she felt and knew she was filled with love for Him.

He collapsed against her, forcing her flat to the bed as He lay over her and let her cunt suck at Him. He kissed her neck gently and enjoyed listening to her gurgle softly as she finished Him off. His cock softened slowly and she kept clenching it with her muscles until it slid from her. He rolled quietly to His side and she moved to snuggle in next to Him. The weariness of the day caught up to Him again and He yawned lazily and stroked her hair. She snuggled in closer and lay quietly in His arms, understanding His tiredness. She listened as His breathing became slow and even and felt His body relax into sleep. He enjoyed the feeling of her warmth beside Him, His mind slowed and He felt it start to close. He heard her whisper and He smiled slightly and He fell asleep thinking how much He loved her too.

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