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Monday, December 22, 2003

Yesterday was a feast. Today the hunger is as strong and I know it will last at least until tomorrow. Mac is right I am ovulating and I do get this way each month. As for Him being glad of the respite, I laughed. He loves it, simply loves it and has as much trouble keeping His hands to Himself as I do. My instinct is to rut with as many big strong males as I can, His instinct is to make sure He is the only one rutting with me.

Even though I always want sex, even though I would love sex with Mac and with Emma and with other people constantly, even though I always look at the builders and think yum, during this time of the month what I really want is men to come deep deep inside me. I want their semen filling my vagina, and spilling into my uterus. I don't ache to be ass fucked or to have my mouth used, though I would not complain if this pleased Him. I still have a drive to please, but right now it is second to needing a male's seed to fertilise me. Luckily during this time Mac has a drive to come deep inside me. He will harden at the slightest touch and even if I am pleasuring Him with my hands or mouth He will strive to enter my cunt to come.

I smiled at whisper's comment. I doubt my friends would admit to feeling it either though I think that at sometime they must. They all think I am a tad strange because I defer to Mac on things. If my friends knew exactly what Mac and I got up to at times I am sure I would have very few friends left.

I would like to thank you all again for the wonderful comments I received. I love knowing that you understand what I feel and sometimes feel it too. I also have to thank k for her hug on the post about Ian. I missed her the other day when I was saying my thanks. k's blog was the first I ever read and her honesty about her relationship was what made me want to write about Mac and I. I needed a place where I could just spill it all and this place is just right. I thank her for her inspiration.

You know, I can actually see the builders from right here, where I am sitting. They are close enough for me to see their muscles flexing, but far enough away for me to know they can't see me stare. I wish I could hear them grunt with the exertions from their work. I ache to go over there and offer myself to them. I wouldn't mind being on my hands and knees on the bare ground feeling one of them enter me while the others stood around and watched. I wouldn't mind being taken by one after the other so that my cunt was never empty for long. I wouldn't mind each one pulling my hair and biting my neck and pushing deeper inside me than the last. And I wouldn't mind them grunting and growling while they ejaculated into me.

I wonder if I should take them over a cool drink?

Yes. I am still hungry.

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