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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

After W/we woke on Sunday, it was starting to get late in the evening so W/we ate and W/we sat around, kind of sated and drained. The only thing was, I was crying.

Mac said 'I love you,' and I filled up on tears. He held my hand and I cried some more. He left me alone and I followed Him to be near Him and I cried. He went back to sit on the couch and I cried. I wasn't sad. I was just so full of emotion. All the colours were too bright and the sounds were too loud and even the food had too much taste. I was in a complete sensory overload and I really didn't know what to do other than to go back to sleep. I desperately wanted someone to talk too. It didn't have to be about anything deep or personal, I just wanted to talk.

I told Mac this and even though it was getting late on a Sunday evening, He suggested going out. I wanted to resist it, everything was so loud, but Mac said to trust Him and I do trust Him so W/we went to a quiet little pub that is a favourite haunt of O/ours.

Mac took my hand and held it until I was ready for Him to let it go and it was nice to know that He was watching over me. W/we were talking to a couple of women there that W/we knew. I can't remember why, but Mac started to refer to me as His sleazy wench. Then Mac and Marie said the same thing at exactly the same time and I made a reference to great minds and Mac told Marie she could be His other sleazy wench and got her to sit on the other side of Him. The other woman, Fran asked if she could be a sleazy wench too and Mac told her to pull up a chair. Another lady at that bar, Emily who knew Marie and Fran asked if she was a sleazy wench and Mac told her that her status was undecided as W/we didn't know her yet.

She looked a little disappointed so Mac told her to have her people fax His people and He would get back to her on it and for the time being she could join U/us on a provisional sleazy wench status. She smiled and sat down and He told her that a smile was a good start. Emily got a bottle of wine and W/we laughed about the name of cocktails and there was talk of licking lipstick off lips and off nipples and there was talk about Emily and where she was from and I was entranced by these three women looking at Mac with such desire and I was watching Him handle them gently and carefully and making sure that none felt left out.

Marie got upset about the attention that Emily was getting and she said something snappish and Mac looked at her and told her to stop being surly and she apologised immediately and He smiled at her and she relaxed. He was gorgeous, truly gorgeous, making each woman feel special.

The air was thick with lust and I suddenly realised that each of the women at the table would have done anything for Mac at that moment. We were all submitting to Him and far from feeling jealous, the beauty of watching these 'strong' women willingly submit to my Male carried me away. It was almost like we were under His spell. I was so much in lust with them all.

We were joined by another person and then another and the spell was starting to break apart. Mac took my hand and said goodbye and W/we left.

When W/we were in the car, I asked Mac if He was as turned on as I was. He told me no. He was wryly amused that all of us women had submitted to Him so easily. He hadn't expected it to happen and when it did He had to be careful not to hurt anyone, but He understood that I was heavy with lust and He thought it was lovely.

As W/we walked in the door His phone rang and He told me to masturbate to orgasm while He took the call. I lay on the sofa with my head on His lap and He stroked my hair while I played with my clitoris and I took little notice of what He was saying into the phone and I came very quickly, moaning softly so as not to disturb His call.

He hung up not long after and I asked Him who had called. He told me it was one of the people who had joined U/us at the table just before W/we left. He rang to ask Mac what He had done to the women because they had left not long after U/us and he thought that they might have fallen on each other in lust. This made me grin at Mac and I asked Him why W/we had left and He said W/we left because the feeling at the table had been something special and He wanted to leave while it was still there so we would all remember it and not have it ruined by the people joining U/us.

W/we sat together quietly for a while. Then Mac said that now He had time to relax and think about it, He found it arousing to have those women submit to Him. I smiled and shifted to my knees and I took His cock into my mouth. He held my head gently and stroked my cheek while I drew His orgasm from Him and made it mine.

I ran into Marie at the store yesterday and we were both a little embarrassed and both blushed. We exchanged small talk then she said last night was fun and I looked at her and said 'yes it was' and we both sighed. She told me reality called and we said goodbye.

We both knew that it would never happen like that again.

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