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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Emma called yesterday and invited me to dinner and although I didn't really feel like going I didn't feel like staying home and I had a thought that Mac might have initiated the invitation. This was quickly confirmed when Mac called straight after Emma to make sure that I had said yes.

We ate early at a tiny little restaurant where the food was plentiful and the owner told us jokes and encouraged us to eat more than we could. We lingered over coffee, watching the place fill up with a dinnertime crowd as we talked about anything that came to mind. It was warm and it was comfortable and it made me remember just how precious good company is.

Emma asked if I was ready to go home but I didn't feel like it yet, even though I knew Emma was going to spend the night. I didn't feel like being wicked but I did want to go dancing so we decided on a nice place that plays music that you can sing along too and not just that 'doof doof' beat.

That's where we met Claire. Emma and Claire knew each other through mutual friends and she had been about to leave when she had spotted Emma and come to say hello. We chatted and we flirted and the mutual attraction was obvious. Claire's eyes lit up when Emma mentioned she was staying with me. I told her that if she wanted to stay too I needed to ask Mac and I called Him and asked.

He talked to me, then He talked to Emma and then He talked to Claire and He made her laugh and He made her blush and He told her not to tell us what He said, and she wouldn't. Then He talked to me again and told me to be decadent and told me that He loved me and He said goodnight.

Three girls in a bed, full of giggles and warmth and delicious delight. So many hands and mouths and tongues and breasts and at times I wasn't sure whose body I was touching. And at times I wasn't sure whose hands were touching me. I know at one stage I was lying over Emma, kissing her and loving her while Claire's tongue travelled between both our pussies and I licked away Emma's tears when she came. There was more giggling and more kissing and when I woke this morning my fingers were still sticky despite having been licked clean.

Mac had asked Claire if she would stay at least until He met her and she agreed to do just that so Claire and Emma are still sleeping in O/our bed and still I have been watching the clock count down slowly.

He should be home soon.

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