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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I got a verbal smack in the mouth last night. I deserved it. I have been pushing for it for quite a while. I tend to wait until something is perfect, build it up to a point where I think it cant get any better, then set about sabotaging it because I don't think I deserve it. Mac is tired of it and I don't blame Him. It exhausts me and I am the one doing it.

I could wallow in this. He really didn't hold back, He told me straight out what He was thinking and it wasn't very pretty and it hurt. But wallowing won't get U/us anywhere and I don't feel like doing it anymore. So instead I am going to look at it like this:

I can't change what I did yesterday, but that is over. Today I have a chance to live it right.

I am sure someone somewhere put it much more eloquently than that, but for me, that will do.

And what is living it right? It starts a lot like this:

"She sat comfortably on His lap, facing Him, her legs wrapped easily around His back. His hands held her ass, pressing her closer to Him almost as if being a part of her was not close enough. Her hands were tangled into His hair, pulling at it gently as she let it run through her fingers over and over. She kissed His forehead, His eyes, His cheeks and His nose before her lips found His again. Their tongues duelled silently, each trying to find purchase inside the others mouth.

She used His hair to pull His face from hers and smiled softly at Him, her eyes glittering. Keeping one hand entwined in His hair she used the other to hold a breast to His mouth, guiding Him onto her nipple. Both hands threaded back into His hair as He suckled at her breast. She held Him to her, letting her head fall back, a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips as her vaginal muscles clench again and again with each suck that He took.

She gave herself up to His control, allowing Him to time the tightening of her cunt for His pleasure. He eased her nipple from His mouth then took possession of her other breast, treating it in the same manner. The feeling of fullness overwhelmed her and she bucked and writhed, squirming on His hardness. Her hands pressed His head against her breast and she felt His teeth sink into her skin as she came violently on His cock. She screamed and swore as He pulled her onto Him, clenching rhythmically as He pushed even deeper inside her.

She caught her breath and tugged His hair again, pulling His mouth from her breast. He grinned at her and she quickly covered His grin with her mouth, teasing His tongue with her own, forcing it to chase hers into her mouth. Her lips sucked at His tongue and she felt Him stir deep inside her and she clenched her vaginal muscles tightly against His movements. He growled softly and she sucked harder at both His tongue and His cock. His orgasm exploded inside her and she grinned as He shuddered in her arms. Once more she pulled His head back before biting at His neck sucking on His blood. She tightened her muscles on Him, drawing the last of the semen out of Him. He pulled her from His neck and she grinned at Him again before she kissed Him deeply, gently rocking her body against His.

She rested her head on His shoulder as He whispered to her words of love and pleasure. She smiled and squirmed and placed her tongue against the pulse in His neck. He stroked her back and she twirled His hair around her fingers. She clenched her cunt against His cock and moved quietly to kiss Him time and time again. She knew that words could not explain what she felt and so she kissed Him some more. He snuggled her into His chest and He held her against Him and kept the world at bay. She rested, keeping Him inside her, a part of her, waiting until He needed her again."

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