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Monday, January 26, 2004

I had lunch and went to the movies with Emma and Claire yesterday to see Lord of The Rings. It was a kind of getting to know you date with Claire, though Emma Claire and I have been in contact through emails and pager all week. Mac didn't want to see the movie. In fact He would be quite happy if He never saw it. It holds no interest for Him at all and He thought it would be good if Emma Claire and I went out. Also, it gave Him a great excuse to have lunch at the pub with 'the boys.'

So we girls enjoyed lunch and watched the movie and I think I fell in love with Aragon in every scene he was in. The man is just SO Male. I was captivated and enthralled and so much in lust. The three of us giggled, cried and ohhhhed and ahhhhhed over him throughout the whole movie.

When it was over, Claire had to go as she had things she had to do, and Emma took me to the pub where Mac was but she didn't stay either as she had a report due at work that she was behind on.

Mac was sitting with some people W/we know and I practically bounced in, full of love and lust and totally excited. Mac laughed at me announcing I was in love with Aragon and two of the other women there agreed. We talked about scenes from the movie and Mac watched me quietly as I filled on lust more and more.

One of the ladies mentioned that she would have Aragon in bed, on the table, in a chair. And I said 'Bugger that. He could throw me to the ground and just take me. That's what I want from Him.' All the women sighed.

Mac told me it was time to go and on the way home I kept nattering about Aragon and how Male he was and how much I lusted him. When W/we arrived, I went to the computer room to check if I had comments on the blog and Mac followed me in.

Before I reached the desk He had seized me around the waist and told me to hold still. He pulled my dress over my head and grasped my bra and pulled it over my head too. I was standing there naked, breathless with anticipation and He tangled His hand in my hair and pulled me towards the desk. He turned me around and pushed me back against it so that I was almost sitting on the desktop but my feet were still on the floor. He stuck His foot between my feet and almost kicked them apart before undoing His jeans.

He moved in between my legs and He thrust Himself up into me. I was wet and I was ready for Him and still it hurt. I clung to Him and He bit my neck and kept thrusting into me. I tried to spread my legs wider but He couldn't get deep enough so He withdrew from me and grabbed my hair and spun me around, pushing my head down against the desk.

He forced Himself back into my cunt and thrust His cock into me harder than He ever has. He hurt me. It felt like He was splitting me apart. He had His legs either side of mine and He was grunting with the effort He was putting into slamming His cock into me. I started to whimper and He hissed at me to shut up and I bit my lip to keep myself from crying out.

I came, whimpering in spite of trying to stay quiet and He leaned over me and bit my shoulder hard and I screamed. He reached beneath me and squeezed my tits, brutally pinching my nipples and I screamed again. His cock kept pounding into me and I felt bruised and raw and I was sobbing uncontrollably and I came again.

He stopped and enjoyed the contractions of my cunt on His cock then He tangled His hands in my hair and pulled my head of the desk and hissed in my ear.

'Enough of your cunt, I am going to fuck your ass now,' and He let my head fall back onto the desk.

I was afraid. I wanted Him to do it. I wanted His cock in my ass, but I knew that if He thrust into me the way He had used my cunt, it would hurt beyond belief. I started whimpering again and told Him yes and He laughed at me.

'I wasn't asking for your permission, slut.'

He spread my ass cheeks and positioned His cock against my asshole and He grunted again as He forced His way into me. He growled at me to 'take it' while I shuddered and cried out and pushed back against Him. He was thrusting in my ass and I was crying and He grabbed my hair again and pulled my head back, twisting my face towards His. He gripped my throat and bit at my lips while I choked.

I came again as the world blacked out and He let me go and withdrew from my ass. I was sobbing and gasping and trying hard to focus on what was going on when He pulled me from the desk and turned me and pushed me to my knees. I felt dizzy and I was still gasping for air and He forced His cock into my mouth and I gagged and I choked and He pulled His cock back and thrust into my mouth again. Each time He pushed Himself into me my head would bang against the desk and I felt even dizzier and I was still crying and I needed more air.

He pulled His cock out of my mouth and I swallowed huge gulps of air, still shuddering and it felt like I was still coming. He dragged me from the desk by my hair and pulled my legs out from under me and I fell back against the floor. He straddled me and again He forced His cock into my mouth and fucked my throat deeper. I tried to relax, I tried to think about what I was doing but I wanted more than ever just to breathe and I couldn't.

Then His cock was out of my mouth again and I was pulling air back into my body. He slapped me. Hard. He slapped the other cheek. He slapped me again and again and again and I whimpered and turned my head back to take the next blow.

He dragged me back to my knees with His hand in my hair. He slapped me again, across the face and He slapped both my breasts.

'Suck this cock, cunt.'


'Suck it, bitch.'


'Lick my balls, fucking slut'


My body was wracked with sobs. I wanted to suck on Him. I wanted to make Him come but I couldn't think how I would even do that. He was stroking His cock between each slap and I just couldn't work out how to get His cock into my mouth.

'I am going to come on your face, bitch.'


Him coming on my face was something I could grasp the concept of.

'Yes,' I gasped. 'Come on my face.


'Say please, cunt' He growled.


'Come on my face, please.' I pleaded.


'Call me Sir, you little bitch.'


'Come on my face. Please. Sir.'

I knew I was going to break. I couldn't handle anymore. I knew the next time He hit me I would shatter into a thousand pieces and I would never be whole again.

And He came. And I watched Him as His hot semen landed against my stinging cheeks and over my face. I remember wondering who He was and why I felt such a sense of relief and then I crumpled into a little ball on the floor and I did shatter into a thousand pieces.

He managed to pick me up and carry me to a chair and He cradled me in His lap like a baby. He held me, He rocked me and He stroked my hair and spoke softly too me. He let me sob until I was all cried out.

W/we showered together and He washed me so carefully and He kissed me so softly that I started to cry all over again. W/we dried off and He led me to the bedroom and covered U/us both in the huge quilt. He snuggled me into Him and He told me I was a good girl and that I was His and that He wouldn't let me go and He stayed awake, watching me, until I fell asleep.

There is another story to tell about when W/we woke, but for today I will leave it there. This was the most intense rough sex W/we have ever had and I am still feeling the consequences. I know that I love Him more than I ever have and I know that I trust Him deeper. I did shatter into a thousand pieces, but He has put every one of them back together again and I do feel whole and calm and content.

He told me that He did it because He felt that I needed it. I needed a very powerful and dominant Male to take me and use me. I need my Male and He was right. I did need it. I was building up to it and revisiting the rape fantasy and watching the movie had taken me to the edge. Mac just pushed me over it.

And He caught me when I reached the bottom.

A girl couldn't ask for more than that.

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