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Thursday, January 01, 2004

I woke this morning in a very sensual and very tactile mood. I don't know if it was the small but sufficiently giggly amount of alcohol I consumed, or the fact that I know that Emma is spending the day with U/us, or possibly it is because I have fallen in love with Mac all over again these past couple of days and Emma again last night but I feel so in tune with everything around me. I am finding pleasure in everything I touch and do. The sheets felt so clean and smooth against my skin, my hair smelt pretty, like soft vanilla shampoo, and Mac felt so warm and deliciously Male against my body. I could hear the whispers of lovers finding each other on makeshift beds in the other room and I watched the sunlight dance across the ceiling, sneaking in from behind the pulled curtains. I was letting everything in, letting myself fill up on each sensation when I heard Mac whisper my name. I turned to see Him watching me with His beautiful blue eyes and I started to cry from an overload of everything I was feeling. He was instantly worried.

'What's wrong?' He asked, full of concern.
'I am just so happy.' I stammered in reply.

He chuckled then and pulled me into His chest and stroked my hair and whispered soft gentle things to me and I was filled with all new emotions that overloaded me again. He held me until I calmed and drifted back to sleep and He didn't wake me until people had started to stir.

Everyone pitched in and the cleaning was quickly done and we made a huge breakfast of bacon and eggs and even those a little hung over managed a few bites to eat. Mac kept walking up behind me, slipping His arms around me and asking if I was ok. Each time He did it, my body would feel like it was on fire and I wanted Him to stop it but I was scared that He would stop it so I bit my lip and kept walking around in a half daze of passion. Emma knew something was wrong and asked me the first chance she had and when I told her she smiled at me and kissed my cheek and I felt my eyes grow watery with overload again.

When everyone had left Emma took my hand and led me to the shower while Mac made some excuse about moving some chairs. I can see now that this was something they had discussed at sometime this morning and it makes me feel very loved that they did. Emma washed my back and my front and her fingers were exquisite combined with the heat of the water against my skin. I felt myself teeter on the edge of orgasm but she kept her hands away from the area that would take me there and I didn't ask her to, feeling somehow that it would be wrong.

We sat on the bed after our shower and Emma brushed out my hair and gave me the white satin camisole and panties that were her Christmas present to me. I put them on while she put on a matching set in a very pretty pink. Then she suggested I come here and write some blog while she prepared food for later on.

So here I sit in the prettiest little white top and panties, the material making my nipples ache with lust, one exhale away from the edge of orgasm and one touch away from plummeting into its depths. I can hear Mac singing contentedly while He showers and I can hear Emma humming along from the kitchen. I feel so outwardly calm and demure and yet just beneath the surface is a raging whore waiting to be released. I know that He is going to make me scream and that she is going to hold my hand and I know that my need will betray me and I will plead with Him for more. I know they will lead me into an ecstasy of pleasure and of pain that will leave me shivering with desire. I know they are going to release the whore and give her room to play. I know they are going to let me fly.

The shower has stopped and Emma is waiting patiently for me to finish. She has the leather cuffs in her hands.

It seems it is time to begin...

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 11:32 am

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