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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Last night Mac and I spent some very nice quiet time together. He was working and knew that I wanted to talk so He asked me to wait until He had finished doing what He had to do then I could have His full attention. I knelt quietly beside Him and waited. I let my mind wander, thinking about bits and pieces of my day. I thought about things that I should share with Him and things I wanted to share with Him and was completely lost in thought when He spoke to me some minutes later.

'You are a beautiful good girl for waiting patiently. Come here little one, I want to hold you and kiss you and love you.'

He pulled me to His lap and suddenly my mind was completely blank. I couldn't remember a single thing I had wanted to tell Him I just wanted to sit with Him and be held by Him and love Him. I snuggled up close and listened quietly as He told me about His day. Suddenly, He said, 'Baby, I need to come in your mouth now.'

I knelt and took His cock from His pants and He was coming before I could even get my lips around Him. There was little to no stimulation and He was coming. I took Him into my mouth and sucked on Him to make sure He was finished properly. When He was spent He pulled me up to kiss Him. He told me He loved me more than He could convey. He said that I was so sweet and gentle, so adorable that He had suddenly been filled with loving me and had needed to come. Then He kissed away the tears on my cheeks and He asked me why I was crying.

I told Him I was so full of love for Him that it had to come out somewhere or I would explode with it. He chuckled and pointed out that my crying was just like His orgasm, that both were from an overload of feelings. I somehow think this is a little unfair. I cry and He comes. I know which of U/us gets the better deal.

When W/we went to bed my breasts were aching with that deep hormonal ache that comes with menstruation. I lay on my side facing Mac and carefully massaged them. He watched for a little while, and then He shifted down the bed and took my nipple into His mouth and gently sucked on it. I ran my fingers through His hair and cradled His head with my hand while He suckled at me.

There was something very basic, a very simple need in me that He filled. It was loving and soft and gentle and sensual. I know that He was making my uterus contract and that was easing the pain I was in, but it was more than that. It felt so right to have the Male that I love suckling at my breast. It felt as though W/we were strengthening the bond between U/us. It felt like I was entwining U/us in a very natural and very female way.

I understand the physical way that breastfeeding works but last night I think I had a tiny glimpse at the emotional bond it forms between a mother and child. Or maybe it was just my hormones taking over.

He suckled at me until I felt myself grow heavy with sleep and I reached down between us and my fingers found His cock. I jerked Him softly and gently, more running my fingers over Him than stroking Him. He kept suckling at my breast until the moment that His cock started to spill. I felt His semen spray against my belly and He arched His head back and He growled deeply and my brain was so foggy with sleep that I barely managed to smile.

It was the most contented nights sleep I have had in a long time.

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