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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Something absolutely wonderful and amazing happened yesterday. Something so simple and so easy that it took both Mac and I by complete surprise with its intensity and the way it coloured O/our day. It filled U/us both with love.

I gave Mac a blowjob.

That's it really. A simple easy loving giggling blow job that totally enthralled Mac.

After I wrote here yesterday of the blowjob that I had given Mac the day before, I went and joined Him back in bed. He was still sleeping because of the late night He had. He looked so at peace with the world that I almost hated to wake Him.

I pulled the quilt back off Him, and was surprised to find that He was erect. He was already close to waking. I scooted down the bed so that I could be near His cock and I played with it gently, stroking it with my fingertips and very lightly running my nails along it. He stirred and shifted onto His back.

I giggled and kissed the very tip of His penis. He opened His eyes in that 'I am awake but really still asleep' way and I giggled again and He smiled at me. I raked my teeth lightly over the head of His cock and He growled softly. I closed my lips over Him and slid my mouth on Him, jerking the part of Him that didn't fit in my mouth with my hand. My fingers caught against the slight stickiness of His cock and without even thinking about it, I took my lips off Him and I let my saliva drip from my mouth onto the shaft. Mac's reaction was electric. He groaned and His body stiffened and His cock jumped in my hand. His hands gripped the sheets. I was taken by surprise but delighted in the effect it had and I held His penis so that the next ball of spit fell onto the slit then I rubbed my thumb over it. I let my spit dribble onto Him again following it with my tongue prying into the slit and my hand still jerking Him. I had Mac in a place where all He could say was 'Baby baby. Sarah. Oh god Sarah. Baby.' I licked at the sensitive spot beneath the head of His cock and my hand stroked the shaft. I nuzzled my cheek against Him, murmuring and kissing Him and grazed my teeth over the head again and He was almost bursting. I knew He had been holding back from the moment I had let my spit dribble onto Him and I knew He couldn't hold on much longer. I licked the head again and again and He exploded, grunting and growling my name. I licked and kissed and murmured at Him through His orgasm until He put His hands in my hair and told me to stop.

I smiled up at Him and that was when He said that I had given Him the best blowjob ever. I giggled and He told me that He wasn't joking. That it had been the best blowjob He had ever had. When He got online He made the comment about it on the blog.

He started me thinking. What had it been that had made this the best blowjob ever? It wasn't the deepest I had given Him and it wasn't the longest. I am certainly no porn star. I have a lot of trouble getting Him deep inside my throat without gagging. And I know that there will be guys reading this and thinking, that's not what I would call a good blowjob, and probably girls thinking that too.

The thing is, it was a perfect blowjob for Mac. I said yesterday that I know Him so well that I knew how to keep Him out of the conversation. I could also say that I know Him well enough to know exactly what He likes sexually. I found out by listening to Him. I found out by remembering little things that He said that He found sexy or passages in books He would ask me to read. I watched His reaction to porn, took in all that made Him throb and the things that He was indifferent too.

There are times during rough sex that Mac will want the in out of mouth fucking. But those times are rare. He much prefers me to love His cock. Kiss it and caress it, lick it and graze it with my teeth. He loves to see me look up at Him and smile and giggle. He loves to know I am enjoying it too. I do enjoy it, because although oral sex is not that enjoyable, pleasing Him, watching Him, loving Him like this is one of the most pleasurable things I have ever done.

The reaction He had to me spitting on His cock surprised me. I had to think about it a lot before I worked out what it was about it that turned Him on and I think I know now. He saw His good girl spit dirtily on His penis. He saw her become a whore only interested in His pleasure, she wanted His cock slick so she could stroke it and so she wet it the quickest way she could. And when she saw that it pleased Him more than she thought it would, she did it again and again because she loves Him.

Because I know what He likes, because I made sure I know what He likes, I can give Him the perfect blowjob. I can also give Him the perfect sex, anal sex, and tit fucking. I can cook Him the perfect meal and make Him the perfect drink and pick out the perfect DVD to see. I can watch a rugby game and understand what is happening and hold a conversation with Him about the game. I can sit at His feet quite happily and quietly when He has work to do. I made it my job to find out what He prefers and it is my delight to bring Him these things.

So that would be what I would put in a book on how to give a blowjob. Listen to what His body tells you as well as what He says with His voice. Listen to what He tells the people around Him. Make it your business to know what He likes and then use it on Him and glow in the praise that you will get. Simple really.

It has been almost 18 months now for Mac and I. Yesterday He said to me: "You can be such a whore, such a brazen wanton slut but You are so loving and giving. God. I adore you."

And it was all because of a simple blowjob.

I must be doing something right.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 6:58 am

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