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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

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Something is happening between Mac and I that I don't fully understand. It feels as though W/we are back at the beginning of O/our relationship when each glance, each word, every caress would delve U/us deep into a world of passion. It's that world where no matter what is done, no matter how intense or how many times or if O/our minds and bodies are exhausted, O/our need to connect, O/our need to be part of each other overpowers everything else.

Some times I feel as if I am on the verge of knowing, that any moment now I will understand why W/we are feeling the way W/we are and then it slips away from me almost as though it is teasing me, tantalising me with its obviousness that I just cant grasp.

Mac chuckles at my questioning it, telling me not to worry about something that feels so good. He thinks I should just relax and enjoy it, the way that He does, but I know that He understands that I have a need to know, a need to question why the feelings inside of U/us are so intense. I am not letting it interfere with the pleasure that I feel. I will not let it stop me from enjoying every second that W/we spend entwined but in moments of reflection I feel a need to sit quietly and wonder why it is that W/we seem to have discovered each other all over again.

I know that I am falling in love with Him. Not just deeper, but all over again. I see Him and there is a complete flood of emotions that leave me breathless with their intensity. I hear Him and my stomach ties in knots. I touch Him and I am lost to Him. I am captured, I am possessed, I am His.

Someone asked me in my comments a few weeks ago if all I ever do is fuck and think about sex and at the time I chose not to answer but now I will. W/we laugh a lot. W/we go out with friends. W/we enjoy fine food and good music and movies. W/we work. W/we play sports. W/we devour books like O/our lives depend upon it. But it is in O/our sex that I see who W/we really are. It is never just about the fucking. Anyone can do that. To me each movement has meaning, each groan of pleasure has depth, each touch entwines U/us into one being, two halves coming together to make a whole. So I write about the sex in the hope that some of who W/we are shows through.

These last few days have been exquisite in the pleasure W/we have shared. W/we made love on Sunday night, the way two people do when their tiredness is almost greater than their need to come. When Mac woke on Monday morning He was in need of me again. His cock was engorged and His balls were full and His orgasm was drawn out and severe, leaving His body drained of all energy. I dragged Him to the shower to recuperate, knowing that He had a long day ahead of Him with clients.

He called me from the office at lunchtime. His cock was engorged again and thoughts of me were hindering His concentration. He questioned coming home so that He could sate Himself before the afternoon of work, but W/we both knew that there wasn't time. I questioned if I could come to the office and take care of Him but again there was no time. W/we knew He had an early dinner with clients and would not be home until past nine and the thought of having to wait that long was unbearable to U/us both and the lust in my voice was making His cock tighten and contract. Tighten and contract.

I took the phone to O/our bed and I used O/our largest dildo to stretch open my cunt and make me moan in a delicious mixture of pleasure and pain that had Mac hissing in my ear.

'You dirty slut. You wicked whore. Whose cock is it you have filling you?'
'I don't care whose cock, any huge cock that I can squeeze my cunt on will do. I want to make him come, I want his cock to spurt inside me, I want to please him.'
'You do please him, slut. You please him like no other ever has.'

And my muscles contracted tightly and the whimpers from my orgasm combined with the growling of Mac's and He came, in His office, while people moved around outside His door.

Then last night when He got home He swept me into His arms and carried me to the bedroom and W/we fucked with depravity I have never felt before. There were things that I did, things that I wanted to do that I have never felt a desire to do before. I became the dirty slut and all that mattered to me was that it made Mac feel good and I wanted to make Him come harder than He ever has.

And when I was on my hands and knees and He was mounted on me so deeply that His balls were pressed against me and He lifted my hair from my shoulder and sank His teeth into my neck, when I cried because I simply couldn't take another stroke of His cock, then cried because I thought He would take His cock out of me, that was when I realised that He was mine, that I possess as much of Him as He does of me. W/we are no longer two separate people who go about each day independent of each other. W/we are one and even if W/we never saw each other again, I know that I will remain His forever. It was meant to be.

When Mac woke this morning, His erection was already in my mouth.

I wonder if that will keep Him sated until tonight?

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:17 am

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