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Saturday, January 31, 2004

There was a fantasy that Mac used a few days back to make me come. He took me by surprise with the person He had included in it. My response was to come, deep shuddering orgasms that left me breathless. Not only was it naughty, it was delicious. I spoke to the person that was in the fantasy and told her that I wouldn't use her name. Her response was "you can if you want, I'm a naughty slut and I like that sort of thing." So thankyou to wench and of course to her Majesty for allowing me to tell this the way it should be told.

And thank you to Mac for the delicious idea.

The bar is sleazy, not the type of bar where good girls go. Wench and I don't mind though, because we are not here to be good girls. We sit side by side on two stools at the bar, watching the rough clientele and teasing each other over the bulge in the one over there's jeans and the tightness of the ass that just walked past. We giggle together in the way which girls about to misbehave do.

The coolness of wench's hand on my neck makes me shiver with anticipation and she smiles at me wickedly as she pulls me in closer to meet her lips. The kiss is soft and gentle, our tongues touching tentatively then pulling away. My hand slips to her thigh, travelling up to the hem of her skirt as one of her hands trails lightly across my breast.

She pulls back slightly and I reach for her again and she moans and kisses me once more, gently biting my lips then sucking on my tongue. I hold her face with both my hands as the passion between us rises and neither of us notices that all noise in the bar has stopped. We smile at each other mischievously, the wickedness returning with the lust.

'Baby,' wench murmurs. 'See those two guys behind me? Watching? Will they do?'
I nod at her without looking. Who it is doesn't matter. Anyone will do fine.

'Show me with them then. I want to see how you suck cock.'

I take wench's hand and we move to kneel before the two men. Both of us pull our skirts up to show off pantiless cunts and we both undo the buttons on our tops to expose our breasts. The air around us is thick with lust and we know we are on display.

The cocks that we take from their pants are already hard and throbbing. It was the kisses that we shared which did it. Wench follows my lead as I gently stroke and lick and kiss the cock of the man in front of me. I can see her out of the corner of my eye as her lips close over the head of the cock before her. I keep jerking my guy as I lean over to lick at wench's stretched open lips. She gurgles and both of the men moan so I do it again. Wench releases the cock from her mouth and turns to kiss me again, both of us still working the cocks with our hands and both of the men growl in enjoyment at watching the two sluts at their feet kiss so we do it again.

I feel the cock in my hand pulse and I turn my head back in time to take his orgasm in my mouth sucking him while he spurts and licking at his cock to make sure he is properly finished before turning back to slide my tongue into wench's waiting mouth again. Within moments she realises her guy is about to come and as she turns to take his orgasm he growls at her 'your tits' and she tosses back her head and jerks him so his semen splashes across her breasts. She kisses his still throbbing cock gently and watches as He puts it away.

I turn to her and lean forward to lick some of the semen from her breasts. The air around us pulsates with the lust of the men still watching and our tongues find their way into the other's mouth. Long slow gentle kisses as our breasts press together and the semen smears over both of us.

A guy moans and we pull away from each other and admire the way our tits glisten in the light of the bar. Wench leans in to whisper close so that her breath tickles my ear.

'Shall we have some more?'

I smile at her and nod and we choose two more from the pulsing waiting throng.

And the night goes on...

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