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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Thursday night W/we went out for a little while with some friends. One of my girlfriends, Rox had brought along Andrew, a guy that she really wanted to get to know better (sleep with) and when she and I were in the ladies room she told me all about the trouble she was having getting him into bed. He just didn't seem to be interested, even though he was very happy to date her. I could see why she liked him, he was smart and funny and quick witted. Perhaps if Mac hadn't have been there I may have found him interesting.

When Mac and I got home I told him the trouble that Rox was having getting Andrew to put out and W/we had a little chuckle over it and forgot about it. Mac had some work to do and I was tired so I went to bed.

Friday morning when I woke up, I let Mac sleep in. He had nothing important on and had sent off all the emails He had needed to the night before. I wrote my blog then started to do some work. I was completely lost in thought an hour or so later when I heard Him call out 'Woman!'

When He calls me woman it means get here and get here now and so I put aside what I was doing and went to the bedroom. I found Him there, proudly erect and frowning slightly. I stood there, pretending not to look at His cock and asked what it was He would like.

He told me He had been in that strange place, somewhere between being asleep and being awake and He had had a half dream about me. I had come to Him and knelt before Him and told Him that I had gone to Andrew and begged him to fuck me. Andrew had consented and I had made him come. Then I had told Mac that I needed Andrew again and I went to Andrew and told him I hadn't had enough and begged him to let me make him come again.

What was Mac's reaction to His dream of my cheating? He was aroused! Not just aroused, throbbingly so.

'You're weird' I said while still pretending I wasn't looking at His cock.
'I know' He said.
'You are supposed to be jealous, not turned on.'
'I am jealous. And HUGHLY aroused. I want to fill you with my cock and come so deep inside you so that no other man's seed can overpower mine.'
'It's an ownership thing? An 'I am Your's' thing?'
'Yes. Now shut up, get on the bed and take care of my cock'

I shrugged off the robe I had on and crawled across the bed to Him and just as I was about to ask what would please Him He pulled me to Him and easily flipped me onto my back. He slid between my legs and took my hands in His and pinned them to the bed beside my head. His body was still sleepily warm, His hair was mussed and He smelt of that musky male sex smell. I was lying there beneath Him, looking up into His gorgeous blue eyes, completely captured by this Man. He kissed me, almost devouring me and I wanted so desperately for Him to be inside me. I was pushing my hips up to meet His but He was holding back from me. He wanted to do it His way and there was nothing I could do but let Him.

He entered me slowly so that I could feel each millimetre as it slid inside. He stopped each time I clenched on Him and it felt like forever before He was deeply inside me and I could wrap my legs around Him.

'You are Mine.' He growled and pulled Himself from me and pushed into me again. He released my hands and they immediately went to His shoulders to pull Him down on me. I wanted Him to crush me with His weight. I wanted to be pressed inside of Him. I wanted to crawl up under His skin and become a part of Him. I wanted to be His breath, His heartbeat, His thoughts. I wanted to be everything He felt, everything He needed and desired. He was inside me and I wanted to be inside of Him. I couldn't get close enough.

He kept telling me that I was His, that I belonged to Him, that I was owned and would always belong to Him. My heart is His, my desire is His, my body is for His use and His pleasure. I am His Sarah, His slut, His girl, His whore, His angel and I will always be His. Then He told me He would come when I did and He bit my neck viciously, bruising me, marking me with His teeth. I tried to arch back to get Him deeper, I tried to push up against Him but His weight crushing me to the bed meant that I couldn't do anything except accept His cock and I came gasping and moaning and He bit harder at my neck.

'You didn't come!' I gasped still breathless from my orgasm.
'I know.' He grinned down at me, 'Next time.'

And I grasped His face between my hands and I pulled His lips to mine. I tasted the tang of my blood on His tongue and I shivered. He felt it and He groaned. I teased His tongue into my mouth and then I closed my lips around it, sucking it gently. He grunted and I sucked on it some more, clenching my cunt muscles in time with my sucking and He growled and thrust into me harder and deeper and His body tensed and He came.

I felt so proud and beautiful and desirous and lusted. He took His tongue back off me and swore loudly and pressed Himself against me harder, driving the air out of me. I wanted to giggle at Him but I could hardly get enough air to breathe. I stroked His back, taking baby breaths while waiting for His body to stop shuddering. He realised I was in some discomfort and raised Himself on His arms and I took a few deep breaths while He grinned at me.

I kept wriggling against Him and clenching on Him with my muscles and I pulled His lips back to mine.

'What are you doing?' He teased, knowing perfectly well.
'Keeping You hard.' I said, licking the corner of His mouth.
'Because I want more.'
'Greedy girl.' He chuckled and started to move Himself inside me again, just a little at first, working with me to keep Himself from softening.

W/we succeeded and within minutes W/we were both shuddering and gasping for breath and I was holding on to Him tightly as W/we came again. W/we lay together for a while, not really saying much, just enjoying the feel of each other, then He had to get up and check to see if there was anything from work that couldn't wait.

He told me to stay in the bed and I did and I listened to Him make one phone call that had to be dealt with and then He come back to the bed and pounced on me like He was a tiger and I was the prey. He pretended to gnaw at my neck and had me in fits of giggles before He lay down beside me and pulled me to His chest and told me to sleep. I could hear His heart beating and His hand was playing with my hair and W/we both fell asleep until lunchtime.

Last night as I had just finished brushing my teeth, Mac stepped out of the shower and moved up behind me and slid His arms around my belly. He kissed my neck then looked at me in the mirror and sucked in His breath at the bite mark He could see. He asked if it hurt and I told Him only a little bit and He turned me around to face Him and He lowered His head and He kissed it so very softly, I had to swallow hard to stop myself from crying with the beauty of it.

All because He dreamt I was cheating on Him.

There are some things about Him I will never understand.

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