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Monday, January 19, 2004

When Mac got home, we were all up and making breakfast. His flight had been delayed. He was an hour or so later than I had hoped. W/we didn't get to sneak a few minutes alone but He did manage to whisper wicked things in my ear.

W/we all ate breakfast together. Mac told us about the country He had been in and the awful flight He had and made us laugh. He made offhand references to the night before and made us blush. Emma and I got Him back a couple of times but He just grinned at us. Claire was mostly quiet though she didn't seem to be out of place.

After breakfast He told Emma to stay and He told Claire He would like it if she stayed too, but He needed to be alone with me for a little while. I think He knew that although I was forgiven I needed to please Him. I needed to be the one to take His pleasure and He took me to the bedroom and gave it to me. I shan't tell you what was said and done because it was full of love and lust and somehow more personal than ordinary sex. W/we snuggled up together and He drifted off to sleep.

I was relieved and it was exactly what I needed. Knowing that I am forgiven and forgiving myself are two separate things and I somehow couldn't forgive me until I had brought Him pleasure to wipe away the bad.

I wonder if that is why make-up sex is so good? Just the relief at knowing that all the anger and hard feelings are gone and nothing lingers there for either of you to worry about. Some people find that spanking wipes away the guilt, some find solace in punishment, I take my comfort from His semen leaking from me and the knowledge that I have brought Him pleasure that made Him growl with its release.

Emma did spend the day and so did Claire and it was even more decadent than the night before or perhaps I was just that tiny bit more relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy it a little more.

I will share with you just a tiny bit of O/our day.

"She stretched and yawned and looked over at Him sleeping soundly. She felt a tightening of her muscles just from drinking in the sight of Him. She wanted to come again but she knew He would not be pleased at being woken so soon after He had fallen asleep. She thought she should go see what the other girls were up too.

It didn't take long to find Emma and Claire in another room. She just followed the sound of the moans. They lay together, each touching the other tenderly. Emma saw her first and smiled. She grinned at her and moved across the floor to the bed. 'Don't let me interrupt' she said softly and climbed onto the end of the bed to watch. Claire giggled. 'We heard you and Him.' She said shyly and giggled some more.
'Oh,' His girl said. 'Tell me what you heard?'

Claire blushed and Emma stroked her reddened cheek before moving to suck on her nipple. 'Well,' said Claire quietly, 'We heard you moaning and sobbing and Him grunting and groaning and you calling His name, and Him growling and I...' she faltered. 'Go on,' His girl whispered. 'Tell me, please?' Emma still sucked tenderly at Claire's now swollen nipples. Claire's blush deepened along with the desire in her eyes.

'I almost felt Him come inside you.' Claire hid her face in the pillow. His girl smiled softly. 'He did come inside me,' she whispered. 'Would you like to see?'

Claire gasped and nodded. Emma's attention left the breast she was attending too to watch His girl as she opened her legs to them. His semen was visible both from where it had leaked already to her thighs and also as it continued to leak from her cunt. She grinned as Claire licked her lips and grinned again as Emma's eyes also filled with lust. She slid a finger along her cunt and held it out to Claire. 'Would you like to taste?' Claire nodded and moved forward to greedily lick His semen from her fingers. 'Mmmmm more' groaned Claire and His girl held open her cunt in invitation. She moaned when Claire's tongue touched her and again when it slid inside her. Claire licked greedily at the semen leaking from her as well as paying attention to her swollen clit. His girl lay back and let her cunt be explored and probed by Claire's soft gentle tongue. She felt herself being kissed and caressed and loved almost to the point of orgasm. She looked for Emma and saw her masturbating gently while looking at her breasts. His girl looked down to see the bruised teeth marks He had left on them. She smiled at Emma. 'Would you like to kiss them better?' Emma moved eagerly to her side and kissed and licked and sucked on her aching breasts. She gave herself up to the soft sensations of two mouths bringing her pleasure and she allowed herself to be carried into bliss...

It was at least an hour later that He woke and went looking for His girl. He found her curled lazily with Emma and Claire, the three of them flushed from girlish lovemaking. She smiled softly as He entered the room and brought her stickily wet fingers to her mouth to lick.

'Whose cunt is it that you are tasting, slut?' He asked as He crossed the room and grabbed her hand. 'All three' she whispered quietly while she looked at Him with undisguised lust. He leant over her, bringing her fingers back to her mouth and meeting both with His tongue. Emma snuggled closer and Claire shyly reached to touch Him and her muscles clenched tightly at what was still to come..."

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