Kneeling before Him...



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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

And she knelt on the floor and let her mind drift to all the things He had done to her in the past and all the things she longed yet to do. Her fingers gently caressed her clitoris, knowing that He would not be as kind as she was being to herself.

'Will You hurt me?' she whispered to none but the walls. 'I hope You hurt me.' She bowed her head and said no more.

She heard a car door slam and the sound of cases landing on the pavement outside. She wanted to run to the window, to throw open the door but she resisted the need to see Him, knowing that she wanted His first glimpse to be of His good girl in the place she loves so much, on her knees, at His feet, where she belongs.

The door slipped open and He clattered inside, suitcases banging as He tried to fit into the room. She knew the moment that He saw her from the silence that fell and she although she longed to look up at Him she remained completely still.

Bags hit the floor and He stepped over to her, His hand reaching out to touch her face. He caressed her cheek and tilted her chin, His fingers tracing along the line of her neck and she gasped at the depth of love she saw in His eyes.

'My beautiful girl,' He whispered and His hand pulled back and He slapped her across the face.

Tears spilled from her eyes and He pulled her to her feet and surrounded her with the strength of His arms. He held her tighter and more secure than she could remember ever being held before. He covered her face in kisses, claiming her tears, her eyes, her lips and tongue as His own.

'Sarah,' He growled, 'I need you now.' He half dragged, half carried her into the room next to them and He twisted her and pushed her over the back of the couch.

'The bed?' she questioned.
'Now.' He demanded and she made her body as comfortable as she could, spreading her legs and pushing her ass back for His use. He slid His cock along her and thrust it inside her and she whimpered as she felt Him fill her pussy. His hands gripped her hips and pulled Him back on her and she loved the warmth that spread out from her groin into her fingertips, knowing that He was a part of her once more.

He forced Himself inside her again and again and she whimpered with each stroke He took. He reached around her and His fingers found her clitoris and she cried as she came, sobbing out His name. He rested His weight on her, biting at her shoulders as His cock throbbed and emptied itself deep inside her.

He picked her up and carried her to the couch and He sat with her on His lap, fitting her into Him like she belonged. He let her cry while He held her tight and He soothed her with the gentlest of words.

'I love you Sarah. I am home. You have been such a good girl and I am proud of you.'

He stroked my hair and I could feel His semen leak from me and I knew I didn't need to be so strong anymore. I could let go and I could relax, because He was home.

W/we ate breakfast together and then W/we snuggled up in bed. Mac was tired from the flight and I was tired from not sleeping properly when He isn't here. I rested with my head against His chest and listened to His heartbeat as He started to drift off to sleep.

'Sarah?' He mumbled drowsily.
'When I wake up, I think I will need to use you again.'

I smiled and thought about telling Him that I wanted to be dirty, but I figured I should let Him find that out Himself.

And He did.

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