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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Elissa (a different one) asked which blogs I read every day. To know which blogs I read everyday, you only need to look at the people who comment regularly on my blog. These are the women that reach out to me when I am sad and smile with me when I am happy and get aroused when I am bad. These are the women that I cry with and laugh with and love with. These are the women that I missed and wanted to come back and read.

I want them all to know that their words, both here and on their own blogs mean so very much to me. Thankyou all for letting me be a part of your lives. Let me know you are out there, I would like to read you too.

Emma. I am filled with her today. I woke this morning and turned to see her gorgeously sweet and innocent face sleeping beside me. I couldn't keep my hands off her and I kept caressing her cheek until she started to stir. I decided I had to get up then, because I really don't think Emma has been getting enough sleep of late so I want her to sleep in while she is here.

She arrived yesterday and announced that she was staying until Monday if I didn't mind. I grinned at her and helped her unpack a few things while we worked out a tentative itinerary for the next couple of days.

We went to dinner, and then decided that we didn't feel like going anywhere except home and we called it an early night.

Her hand was soft and cool on the back of my neck and her lips were warm and gentle. We kissed for a long time, tongues entwining and hands caressing while our arousal grew. I sucked her toes and made her squirm and giggle and she licked my nipples and made me moan. We took a long time to build each other to orgasm with our tongues and our fingers and some plastic cocks. When we both knew that it wouldn't take much more, we called Mac.

I put it on the speaker so that He could hear the both of us and we could both hear Him and He asked what we were doing and what we had done. We answered Him between the moans and grunts of lust and He told us what He wanted us to do.

He got us to sit facing each other with our cunts full of cock and to each stroke the other's clitoris while we kissed. He told us that if He was here He would kneel beside us and His cock would be hot against our cheeks and we would both turn and giggle and lick across the head of it, both wanting it inside our mouths. When He entered one of our mouths the other would try and squirm her tongue inside too. While He talked, Emma and I were kissing each other and telling Him how good we felt.

I came, then Emma came and then so very far away Mac came too and Emma and I were gurgling in delight. He called us wicked girls and scolded us as He still had work to do before He could sleep and now He was slumped. We giggled and told Him we were really sorry and He chuckled and told us that He loved us both and that we should both go to bed because He knew we would keep talking for ages. He said we were His good girls and that we had to take care of each other for Him and then He was gone.

Emma and I did talk and we giggled and we held each other. I told her that I loved her and she said that she loved me too and we fell asleep still murmuring about whatever came to mind.

Today Emma and I have all day to think of something even more wicked to do to Mac tonight. I am sure it will be something He will enjoy.

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