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Thursday, February 05, 2004

I can feel the cool night air on my naked body as I stand in a dark alley. My hands are tied behind my back, the gag pressing against my tongue, forcing me to breathe through my nose, a blind fold making the darkness complete. Time passes. Thoughts swell. (Where are You? Am I alone? Who will find me? How long have I been here? Has it been a minute? Ten minutes? Surely it can't be more than ten minutes? Was that a sound?)

My body tenses, I can feel the wetness from my cunt running down my thighs. My breathing feels loud in my ears as my breasts rise and fall, my nipples swollen. It's footsteps, definitely footsteps, shoes scuffing against the concrete path. Adrenaline is pumping through me. I can hear blood rushing through my ears, my clitoris throbs to the beat of my heart.

The footsteps draw closer and stop. I want to scream, but the gag means I can't make a sound. (Is it You, please let it be You? What if it's not You? What is he seeing? Does he see a slut that is aching to be fucked? Touch me. Please touch me. I want to be fucked. God, he may hurt me. Hurt me. Please let him hurt me.) Whimpers escaping from the gag. I can feel You so close to me, Your eyes burning me where they touch my skin. (Is it You?) I don't know if it is You. (Fuck me. Please fuck me.)

A hand grabs me roughly around my neck, cutting off my breath for just a moment before turning into a caress of my breast. A nipple pinched harshly, the gag disrupting the gasp that tries to escape me. My body shivers. 'Slut' he growls harshly. (It could be You.) A hand slides between my slightly parted legs and feels the hot wetness there. 'Whore' he growls harshly. (It may not be You.)

Hands force me to bend at the waist. My legs part to keep me balanced. I can't use my hands to support myself. I hear the zip of pants, the freeing of a cock and I shiver again. (Yes, he is going to fuck me. I need it. I need to be fucked like a filthy whore.) Huge hands on my waist holding me still while my cunt is impaled on his cock. (Whose cock? FUCK, who cares?) Body aching, stretched, shuddering with impact. (Harder, fuck me harder.) Sliding in and out so slickly against the cunt juices that soak my pussy. More wimpering. (Air, I need more air.) 'Fucking slut' he spits venomously. 'You love it whore.' (God, oh god. Please god.) Now. My cunt contracts rhythmically against the intruders cock. Knee's buckle.

'Stand up you whore, stand up slut' Hands in my hair, pulling my head back, keeping me on my feet. Tears are soaking the blindfold. (More, I want more.) The pounding doesn't stop. I ache with each shove into me, each pull out of me. It hurts. (I hurt. Harder, please harder. Again. God yes, again.) Now. (Don't dare let myself slump. Not enough air. Christ.) I am convulsing. (HARDER, PLEASE HARDER. Push into me harder. Make me scream, make me hurt for days. Please oh god, please?) Grunting from behind me. (He is going to cum. Make him cum. YES make him cum.) Squeezing him with my cunt feeling him swell. Pushing against him. More grunting. (Milk him. Squeeze harder. Harder.) His cock spurts. (Yes. Yes. Yes. Suck at his cock.) Grinning as he collapses against me, the path biting at my unprotected knees, the pain sharp as the concrete claims some skin. His breath harsh and fast in my ear, hands moving to expose my neck from under the heavy curtain of damp hair. His lips tasting the sweat on my skin, his teeth biting, bruising, breaking, making me cry out. Now.

Feeling Your cock slide from me. (It's You. It must be You) Pulled by rough hands to Your lap. (I knew it was You.) Relief floods through me that it is You. Your voice whispers in my ear 'My sweet gorgeous slut, my delicious girl, I love You angel. You please me.' My head rests against You. 'Now darling, my sweet girl, there are others waiting that want to use you too.' My body tenses, cunt throbs and contracts at the very thought. 'Do you want them, whore?' My nipples have stiffened and my throat is thick with want. Slowly I raise my head and silently I nod. I hear You chuckle. 'Good girl.' You whisper. 'My beautiful girl.' And Your lips softly brush my cheek. (I am Yours. All Yours. That's all I need to be.)

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 6:35 am

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