Kneeling before Him...



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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I want to be dirty. I want to be cunt fucking, semen sucking, ass licking, dirty. I want to indulge in the obscenities of sex. I want to do all the things that bad girls are paid to do. I want to be fucked hard and harder until I can't take anymore. I want to be torn apart and devoured by the cocks of strangers. I want to be forced to be dirty with men.

Push me against the wall and make me brace myself with my hands, run your throbbing prick along my slit and thrust it inside me. How good does it feel? God, how big, how hot, how nasty does it feel to be inside such a wanton little whore. Do you like the way I writhe against you? Do you like the way I work you deeper into my cunt?

'That's it,' I moan. 'Do it harder, baby.' And I hope that the lust is caught up in your throat. I want you to growl, I want you to grunt, I want you to fill me with your come. I want to take your orgasm from you and make your cock mine. I want it to throb at the sound of my name. I want it to ache at the memory of this moment. I want you to masturbate over me again and again.

And when you are done I want to giggle with delight and gurgle with satisfaction and I want to kneel in the dirt and worship your cock. I want you to trace it over my face, my eyes, my cheeks, my chin, so that the juices we have spilt mark me as a whore. I want you to slap me and pull me back to suck your cock and lick your balls and then I want to fuck your ass with my tongue. I want to feel the blood thunder through your cock as my tongue wriggles its way inside you.

Come for me baby, as my fingers dance over your cock, stroking and caressing to a beat unheard. Come for me, as my tongue pries at your asshole, slipping inside you with each stroke. Come for me because you need to. Come for me because I want you to. Come because the pressure in your balls is just too much. I want it again. I want it all. Please let me make it mine?

And this time when you are done, slap me down and use my hair to clean away the mess I made you make. What good am I if I cannot be a come-rag for you to use? Then drag me up and force my back against the wall, hold my throat and steal my breath, I promise I wont mind. If your finger found my clitoris I would tremble beneath your hands and you could kiss my breathless lips while I cried. For a moment, just for a moment, you could love me too before you toss the coins at me and walk away.

I blame wench for this need I have woken with. She told me before I slept that she was a naughty nasty girl and now I want to be one too. I blame Mac. He is somewhere between the train station and home and I need His greed for pleasure so very very much. I blame Sarah. When I peel back the layers of all the things I am, of all the coats I wear to protect me from the world, I really am a dirty little slut. I love all three of U/us for encouraging me to feel the way I do.

Now I have to go and wait for Him, naked, on my knees, so that His girl is the first thing He sees when He walks through the door.

And I hope that He will let me be...


Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:04 am

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