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Monday, February 09, 2004

I watched Master and Commander last night. I kind of got an early copy of it and watched it at home because if Russel Crowe is running around with a sword, I want to be watching him somewhere I can relieve tension. I adore him. He is such a rough arrogant male that I get squirmy just thinking about him.

Mac was excited that I was finally going to see it, He saw it a month or so back while He was away. He was telling me about the history behind it, the other books that are yet to be made into screen plays, the changes that were made to make this movie more palatable for the intended audience and when He had run out of things to say I said 'it also has Russel in it with a sword, right?' Mac sighed deeply and shook His head in mock disgust.

There is some history between Mac, Russel and I. Mac was away in Hong Kong five or six months back and as it was a three days of flying for two days in Hong Kong and He was going to be working I decided not to go. I got a few DVDs to watch that I had somehow missed when they came out. Amongst them was Gladiator.

Mac paged me on yahoo just before I was about to put the movie on. He was going out to dinner. Being the sweet girl that I am I told Him that I was feeling the stirrings of arousal in my belly. I also told Him that I was about to watch Russel Crowe and that I thought the stirrings may become much more pronounced. He laughed and told me that Russel was really a big girl and that there were rumours that Russel even did housework! I mentioned that it really didn't bother me that Russel did housework so long as he knew how to swing that sword. There was more banter about Russel being girlie and more comebacks about the fact that I intended to masturbate the whole way through the movie. Then Mac had to go. He said it would be a long dinner and that He was sure He wouldn't be able to get back on. He was sharing a room with a colleague and so phone sex was quite out of the question.

So off He went to dinner with the thought that His girl was masturbating with Russel Crowe. And masturbate I did. I played with my clitoris, buried my fingers inside myself, trailed my juices to my nipples and to my mouth and back to my cunt again. I held myself at the edge of orgasm until I couldn't hold it any longer. Then I came. I am not sure how many times I came or for how long but I was filled with thoughts of kneeling in the dirt before this huge male and making him my own. I wanted his cock thrusting in my mouth, his hands holding my hair and his semen dripping from my chin. I wanted him hard and relentless. I wanted him to tear me apart and devour me with lust. I wanted him to fuck me harder than I have ever been fucked before.

I love my body. I love that it can bring pleasure to others and pleasure to myself. I love the shape of my curves and the softness of my skin and the beauty of my secret places. I love the way that it feels and the way it smells and tastes. I love that it is not something I have to be ashamed of. Mac takes a great amount of pleasure in my body and He likes it that I take a great amount of pleasure in it too. He encourages me to touch myself, explore my fantasies and to tell Him what feels good. In this house masturbation is not a sin that needs to be hidden. It is a pleasure that W/we share. I like that. I like that a lot.

Mac paged me some three hours after he had said goodnight and I was still crying from the way Gladiator ends. He had meant to go straight to bed but He wanted to know if I was still masturbating over the "fat girly boy" Russel. I told Him that He was just jealous because Russel had been the one to see me lying on the couch with my legs spread wide, my fingers deep inside me, while I writhed and moaned with the exertion of orgasm. Mac seemed to want to come after I said that. I asked if He would use the privacy of the shower to take some pressure of His balls and He pointed out that it would be of no relief, and that He wanted me to take it from Him. I would be expected to be ready and available when He arrived home.

Master and Commander did not excite me the way that Gladiator did, I am afraid. A little too much navy and ships and not enough swords but it was a good movie about men. Still, I did manage to borrow a copy of Gladiator on DVD as well and I didn't watch it yesterday. Mac has already left for the city for a day of meetings and He wont be back until late tonight. That leaves me here, alone, all day. Well alone except for Russel, and perhaps that dildo that Mac and I chose simply because it was proportioned similar to Mac's cock.

Mac will probably read this in London some time today and when He arrives home He will expect me to pleasure Him too.

Somehow I think I will manage.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:07 am

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