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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Mac and I had a nice warm talk last night when W/we climbed into bed. W/we discussed what blessing asked about what it was like from Mac's point of view. The truth is He doesn't tend to think about these things the way I do. He does things because it feels right and I want to know why they feel right.

If you asked Mac what He had done, He would say He saw His girl naked, on the floor, after 5 days of being apart. He wanted her so He took her and He loved her for the way she gave herself to Him.

If you asked me what Mac did, I would say He broke down the wall I had put up to protect me from the world while He was away and reconnected U/us again.

W/we both took the things W/we needed from the situation and yet both of U/us felt the giving had been done by the other. This is often the case between Mac and I. Typical conversation will go:

Me: Thank you, Babe
Mac: For what?
Me: For that.
Mac: Oh, I thought it was you doing that for me.
Me: Well I thought it was You doing it for me!
Mac: Well, thankyou too.

I adore that I can take what I need from Him and have Him feel like I am giving Him a gift.

W/we chatted and I giggled about this for about 30 minutes before Mac announced that He was tired. (That is His nice way of saying shut up and go to sleep Sarah. If I ignore that and keep talking, He actually does say, "shut up and go to sleep Sarah". After that He says, "for god sake, shut up woman" and I am not brave enough (or silly enough) to find out what happens after that.) W/we had been touching each other and snuggling together for those 30 minutes and I wasn't sure if Mac wanted to come or if He was content just to go to sleep, so I did the only sensible thing I could think to do and I asked Him.

He said He was tempted to take me, but because He was so tired He would wait until W/we woke and He called me His beautiful girl for offering.

And I tried to get even closer while He slept.

This morning I waited as long as I could but it was so hard to let Him sleep. In the end I woke Him with my mouth on His cock. Usually when I start with my mouth all Mac can think about is finishing in my mouth but since I am ovulating He wants to be inside me.

'Come here you.' He said as He pulled me up to sit over His body. My knees slid down either side of Him to rest against the sheets. His hands guided me, shifting my body into the position He desired above His groin.

'Do it,' He ordered and for one cheeky moment it crossed my mind to play dumb and ask what, but my desire to have Him inside me was too strong. I grasped His cock with one hand and gently guided it inside me as He lowered my body onto it.

It's all in that entry isn't it? The feeling of U/us joining, the fullness as the muscles stretched and spread, opening my body to accept His. He was inside me, a part of me and for one mind blowing moment I knew that nothing would ever feel this good again. And then He lifted me and entered me again, and again. Even in this position, His hands on my hips never allow me to forget who it was that had control.

He pulled me onto Him again and each entry was exquisite pleasure as my body moulded around Him to make Him mine. He slipped His thumb between U/us and pressed it against my clitoris, forcing an involuntary shiver to pass through me.

'Your orgasm is mine. Give it to me.' He demanded and I discovered He is right. It is something He can take at His will.

'Good girl' He whispered as my body arched back, my knees pressing at His sides to stop Him from pushing so deep inside me while I came. He ignored my feeble protests, my attempts to escape and thrust Himself inside me again.

I moaned for Him to stop, told Him it was too intense and He grinned and pushed into me again.

'You bastard,' I gasped and braced my hands against His chest to try and recover.
'Your turn,' I hissed at Him and He grinned at me again, daring me to try and make Him come.

And then He held me still while His cock was buried deep inside me, held me still so that I could not pleasure Him, and He made His cock throb. I felt it and I clenched. So He did it again. He smiled at me, the soft contented smile of a Man who is pleased with the way the day is going and it frustrated me to know that He still had such control.

'You bastard' I gasped again and He threw His head back against the bed and laughed. I grinned and rocked my hips in a way that He couldn't contain and His eyes narrowed, His laughter stopped. His fingers dug into my hips and I continued to rock, squeezing Him rhythmically with my muscles. He growled and tried again to hold me before He gave up and reached for my hair. He tugged me forward and raised His knees as I fell over His chest.

'You bitch,' He gasped and I could have laughed but instead I bit His lips, and licked them, and parted them with my tongue while He pushed His body up into mine over and over again.

'Christ, Sarah,' He groaned and His hand in my hair held my mouth firmly over His and I devoured His growls of orgasm as He filled me with His come. I giggled as I lay over Him, nuzzling into His neck and He let His arms fall heavily to the bed.

'What are you giggling at?' He asked and I giggled some more.
'I won.'
'Oh, yeah.' He said. 'I had a huge orgasm, but you won, silly me.'
'HA! I made You come.'
'Only because I let you!'
'Uh huh,' I nodded and He casually flipped me over to lie beneath Him.
'Don't get cheeky with me, girl,' He whispered between kisses and for a while it was very quiet while O/our tongues met.

'Mac?' I asked tentatively when W/we came up for air. 'You know this winning? If I lost, how come I get to leak You all day?'
'You wicked girl,' He shook His head and I grinned and reluctantly W/we untangled O/our bodies so that He could get ready for work.

So now I sit here with sticky thighs writing about my day so far and thinking that W/we both were winners again.

Irona? They were right.

Bad girls do have more fun.

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