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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Mac come home last night and put down His briefcase and laptop and made an announcement:

'Sarah, W/we are buying a house.'

What is the correct response to this? I have had all night to think about it and I am still not sure but my response was somewhere along the lines of:


He explained it to me a little more carefully. The apartment is getting too small. There is no yard. Spring is around the corner, followed by summer and wouldn't it be nice to spend it in O/our garden. He has a new contract at work. The pay rise was more than expected. The savings are there. It's time.

And besides all that He wants to own a house. With me. O/our house.

Yes I am crying. I have been crying off and on since He told me. Silly really. I know that He owns me, I know that W/we plan to be together forever. I know W/we are both committed to this relationship. But this is something solid, something concrete (or bricks at least) and I should hush about it now before I scare Mac out of it!

So today W/we are going to look at a couple of houses that Mac has decided He likes. He also said not to bog down the blog with house hunting details so I shan't except to say:


When W/we made love last night I started crying the moment that He pulled me to Him and He asked me what was wrong for the fifth time. I told Him that I was just so happy that I was going to burst with it if I didn't let it out in my tears. He shook His head and told me that He doesn't understand happy tears. He lay over me, crushing me with His body and overwhelming me with the feel of Him. He was hardly moving, His hips rocking gently to keep Him deep inside me. He held my face and kissed away my tears, which only made me cry more. We kissed for what seemed like hours. It may have been hours, I really don't know. He stayed inside me the whole time, letting my muscles caress Him while my fingernails trailed along His back.

At times He shuddered and at times He broke His mouth away from mine to groan. I would think 'He must be close' but He would hold Himself back, telling me He didn't want it to end. I reminded Him that W/we have tomorrow and I arched up beneath Him as I came. The contracting of my muscles made it too hard for Him to hold back any longer and I told Him that I loved Him while He filled me with His seed.

He stayed inside me as He softened, kissing me and growling at me when I tightened. He told me W/we have forever and I started crying again and He moved to lie beside me and pulled me to His chest. He soothed me and He rocked me until I fell asleep and when I woke this morning His arm was still around me, keeping me close and protecting me from the world.

O/our house.

I am crying again.

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