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Saturday, February 07, 2004

My hair was still dripping from my morning shower when I heard the knock on my door. I wrapped a huge towel around me and went to see whom it was. I looked through the spy hole and was surprised to see Him standing with His head down avoiding the rain. I dropped the towel and opened the door.

'Hello gorgeous,' I purred as the wind swirled around U/us, making my nipples form stiff peaks.
'Do you always answer the door this way?' He growled as He drank me in.
'Well I was waiting on my lover, but he stood me up.' I sighed deeply. 'Still, I expect You will do in a pinch.'

He grinned at me. That evil wicked grin that no one else ever sees. That grin that says 'you are mine and I am going to do what I want with you'. That grin that both heats and moistens my groin.

'Shall I come in?' He asked as He stepped across the threshold and closed the door. His hair dripped and His clothes were wet and He looked at me evilly again. I realised what was on His mind just a second before He reached for me and I turned to run. His fingers caught my hair and He spun me easily, pulling me into a freezing embrace while I screamed and squirmed and shivered. He laughed and kicked apart my feet while He still held me and somehow one of His cold hands found it's way to my clitoris and I came with His teeth on my neck as I still struggled against Him. My knees buckled and He held me tight, chuckling while I called Him names. He released me when I had steadied myself and I looked at Him reproachfully and He laughed as He started to undress.

'I didn't come all this way to have you pout at me, girl' He grinned.
'Really? Then why did You come all this way?'
'Why do you think, slut?'
'Hmmm,' I smiled mischievously. 'Perhaps it was to come on my face?'

He groaned and I helped Him out of His rain soaked pants. Falling to my knees in front of Him and caressing His gorgeous cock. He growled at me to lick His balls and I did. I loved Him and jerked Him and His semen was hot against my cheeks. He ran His finger down my face and through His come and brought it to my mouth to suck.

The phone rang and W/we both sighed as Mac grabbed for it. He grinned at me and whispered 'telemarketer' and I gasped as the conversation continued. When He got off the phone He told me what was said on the other end and I was giggling like crazy.

Mac: I am sorry I can't really talk right now. You see my girl was really horny and I have just made her come.
Telemarketer: Oh. I see. Well, uh, sorry to interrupt.
Mac: Oh that's ok. She was actually finished but I think I might do it again. It's really quite easy.
Telemarketer: Well, um, carry on then.
Mac: Yes I think I shall. You should see her. She is blushing very prettily right now. You have a nice day, ok?

When W/we had both finished laughing He turned to me and said 'Let's fuck now,' and W/we did.

It was an hour so later when W/we were in the shower that I thought to ask Him what He was doing here. He said the day's meetings had been cancelled though He still had to go to dinner last night. He should have worked but all He could think about was me so He drove two hours in the rain to have me. He had to turn around and drive two hours back for dinner and another meeting in the morning would keep Him in the city overnight.

I got out of the shower before Him and stood at the mirror running a brush through my hair. He stepped out behind me and watched me appraisingly and I smiled at Him in the mirror. He reached around the front of me to feel the weight of my breasts and I shifted back against Him and wriggled my ass against His cock. I felt Him stir and His eyes narrowed and I grinned at Him and did it again.

'Insatiable cumslut,' He growled at me and I giggled as I felt Him grow hard. He slid His cock between my legs and my fingers reached for it, pulling it up into my slit. He groaned as I stroked it, sliding Him gently along my cunt, using the semen and my juices that still leaked from me to lubricate His cock. He came nosily and messily all over my fingers and I rubbed His come into my clitoris and I came again too. He held me tightly and I revelled in the feel of His strong arms around me. I felt so precious and so loved.

W/we ate and I dragged Him to bed and made Him sleep off the sex before He had to go back. I helped Him dress and I walked Him to the door and I held up His coat as He slid it on. He turned to kiss me goodbye and I pulled Him against me, crushing me between Him and the wall while my tongue invaded His mouth. I inhaled His scent deeply and I heard Him when He said He had to go but I held Him a moment longer not wanting to forget the way He feels. He untangled Himself from me and stroked my cheek and told me He would be back tomorrow and I knew it was true and still I wanted to hold Him some more. He smiled at me softly and I knew He felt it too.

So He will be home again today, after lunch and I can hardly wait until He is.

I wonder if that telemarketer will ever ring back again?

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 6:34 am

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