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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Ok, ok, I know I said I wouldn't bog this down with house hunting but I really just have to say WE FOUND IT!

W/we did! When I said a couple of houses yesterday I should have actually said one because although W/we did see some others, Mac had really pretty much made up His mind, He just wanted me to come to the same conclusion and I did.

I walked into this house and it spoke to me. I don't mean I started hearing voices but there was something about it that just felt right. It is old and it is spacey and it has the feel that a family has lived here and loved here and have grown and moved on. This is a house that has known laughter and known tears and it felt so right. W/we stood in the master bedroom holding hands looking out over the back yard.

'This is it, isn't it?' I asked Mac.
'Yes' He answered. 'It is.'

W/we walked downstairs and out into the garden and if I had any doubts at all they disappeared as Mac left me on the patio and walked down to the orchard, (yes it has an orchard!) calling me to follow Him when He was halfway there.

I suddenly saw an older Mac with His hands in His coat pockets walking across the lawn as the grass cracked beneath His feet. And I saw a smaller version of Mac, perhaps aged three or four, with his hands in his coat pockets, stretching his little legs so his little feet stood in his Father's footprints. Mac turned and smiled at me and His son ran to Him and He lifted Him up into the air.

Then as Mac reached the line of trees and actually did turn to look at me an older Mac again smiled at me before He disappeared behind the trees.

My lip started trembling so I bit it. My eyes filled with happy tears so I stared at the sky and willed the threatening rain to fall and while the sky stayed dry my eyes really didn't and I thanked god that I had been smart enough not to put make-up on.

Mac called to me again and I quickly dabbed at my eyes with the sleeve of my coat and continued across the garden to the trees. As I stepped between them Mac jumped out and said boo and I squealed as my heart skipped two beats. I slapped at His arm and He said I hit like a girl so I hit at His arm again. He said 'ouch' but He was smiling and He took my hand and told me that if I didn't stop being so happy I was going to dehydrate. I had to laugh.

He kissed my cheek and W/we held hands as W/we walked back up the yard and W/we told the agent W/we had seen enough.

Mac said I am not allowed to get my hopes up too high as so many things could go wrong before any contracts are signed. In fact W/we don't even know if they will accept what W/we are offering, and W/we have to get a building inspection done. Thing is, I really believe that W/we are meant to have that house.

Mac has told me to try not to think about it until everything is settled.

I am doing really well so far, don't you think?

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