Kneeling before Him...



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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

She watched Him walk away and could not feel sad. He had taken His pleasure in her and she could still taste His spunk in her mouth. She thought about how she had held her cunt juice covered fingers up to His mouth as she sucked His cock and how as she had, He had spurted hot thick pulses of semen into her throat. She looked at her fingers and she wondered if she was still wet. Quietly she snuck her hand into her pants and was surprised at just how wet she was. Her cunt throbbed and pulsed beneath her fingers and she wondered if He would mind if she pleased herself. She thought on it a little and thought that if she did, then told Him about it, maybe, just maybe His cock would pulse and His balls would fill and He would require her use again.

She lay upon the bed on her back with her knees raised and her legs open. Her fingers found her clit immediately and the heat from her cunt amazed her. Her stomach clenched and she could feel even more juices flow from her. She thought again of how big He had been standing above her as she sucked on Him. She thought of how His cock had filled her mouth and how it had pulsed and throbbed and leaked within her. His balls had felt so full and warm and ready to spill inside her. She remembered the way He had growled and spurted, her mouth overflowing as she sucked all the spunk she could from Him.

Her fingers sought out the semen that had leaked from her mouth and landed on her breasts. As one hand held her cunt open, the other took His come from her tits to her clitoris and pressed His seed against her, rubbing it in. She moaned softly and raised her hips slightly and wished for His teeth to be against her clitoris as His tongue raped her. Her fingers slid easily inside her cunt and she contracted against them. She was so wet. She arched her back and let her fingers find her clitoris again, abusing it with her nails, caressing it with the length of her fingers, pinching it to make herself moan.

She thought of times He had required her to pleasure Him before. He had filled her ass and pulled her against Him so His balls lay against her cunt. She had cried and He had fucked her harder and she had wanted Him harder still. He had bitten her neck and His fingers had pinched her nipple and she screamed and come and come again. Her breasts now ached, her nipples swollen with lust. Her own fingers found them and covered them with juices as they pinched and teased and made her cunt contract.

She thought on how He had whispered to her last night before they had fallen asleep, 'always, all ways' and she thought how He had surprised her with an 'I love You' before she had taken His cock today. Her body tensed and her cunt contracted in hard spasms as the pleasure rolled from her groin into her hands and feet. She grunted against her fingers that refused to let up on her swollen throbbing clitoris. She arched her back and her fingers dug into her cunt and she felt her come ooze around them. She lay on the bed, exhausted and pleasantly sated, knowing that as she told Him of what she had done her own arousal would return.

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