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Friday, February 13, 2004

So here I am, ready to tell you about my yesterday. I feel a little lost, a little achy, a little embarrassed at sharing this with you all. But Mac is right, I am bubbling with it. I want to share it and we all know I will.

It was only ten minutes after I had published the blog that He had called.

'Be ready' He said and my body shuddered as my stomach flipped over itself. 'I will pick you up at midday. Be dressed in the black skirt, a dressy blouse, black stockings, high heels and panties. No bra will be necessary.'

'Yes Love.' I answered, knowing He expected total obedience and though I ached to ask Him a dozen questions I stayed quiet.

'Good girl' He said. I could hear the evil grin in His voice. The phone clicked, He was gone and I knew He was enjoying my turmoil.

W/we entered the room at 12.30 and I marvelled at the way it was set up. I had been confused when W/we had pulled up outside, the building appearing to be some sort of office building in the middle of the city. Mac just smiled at my confusion and took my hand and led me inside. I followed and W/we had found the right 'office'. There were men standing around quite casually and a bar set up on one side. Buffet tables held a multitude of foods and some of the men were picking. There was a bar stool in the middle of the floor and it seemed to be the only chair.

The room had gone quiet when W/we had entered and I could feel eyes scrutinizing, appraising and I wondered if they approved of what they saw. I couldn't seem to raise my eyes to look back at them and Mac squeezed my hand and led me to the stool. He lifted me onto it and I hooked my heels over the bar at the bottom and steadied myself on the seat. He kissed me and asked someone for iced water and had it brought to me to sip on.

One of the men asked me a question and I answered it with one word. Then another question and I said something that made a few of them chuckle and I warmed to the room a little. Soon there was a banter going back and forth and I teased and flirted and giggled with them all. My nervousness was forgotten and I was thoroughly enjoying the exchange with these smart witty men.

Mac's voice broke through the laughter and the whole room seemed to stop for just a heartbeat.

'Undo your blouse, Sarah.'

Someone took the glass from my hand and I slowly undid the buttons, my insides turning over again as I did. Mac came forward and shifted the blouse open so that my breasts were on display. He ran His fingers lightly over them and whispered to me that they were beautiful and kissed my neck before moving away.

I faltered for a moment, unable to raise my head and meet the eyes of the men around me but Mac was right, my body is beautiful and I was sure these guys had seen many breasts before. I looked up and realized that the room was pulsing with lust. Eyes that had sparkled with laughter now glittered with desire and my cunt clenched knowing that the lust was for me.

A man came forward and lent over a little to lick at my nipple. I cupped my breast to make it easier for him and I think I may have moaned. Then another came forward and my other breast was claimed and I reached down to run my hand over their groins as they sucked and licked. Soon both my hands were full of their cocks and I played with them, kneading and squeezing and jerking. I spat in my hands to make them slick enough to slide over the cocks and I knew as I did that Mac's cock had throbbed. One of the men pulled my skirt up my legs so that when he came it was over my thighs and my stockings, and then the other did the same so that my stockings were striped with semen.

'Take her panties off,' Mac ordered and I was lifted so my hips left the stool while my panties were shimmied down my legs. When the next two moved forwards, one of them pushed two fingers inside me while he bit at my breast and the other played with my clitoris. I jerked them both, using my own wetness on my hands for lubrication. I screamed when I came, two more men holding me up as my breasts were sucked and marked. More semen was added to that across my thighs and the room stank of sex.

When the next guy came forward with his cock proudly erect I moved so that he was between my legs. All I wanted was to please him. All I could think of was making him come. One of my hands went to the back of his neck, pulling his mouth towards mine as the other hand took hold of His cock and guided it towards my cunt. He growled as he entered me and I bit his lips as he thrust in and out of me. I hooked my legs over his hips, hanging on to him for support as the stool rocked beneath me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, raping it as he fucked me harder and harder. I came, whimpering and moaning and he came furiously, his body shuddering as his cock jerked inside me.

He pulled from me, his cock glistening with juices and suddenly I wanted him again. He moved away and another stepped in to take his place and just as suddenly I wanted him. I fucked him, and then another and another and each of them were different. They tasted different and they smelled different and they felt different inside me. They made different noises when they came and I loved each and every sound knowing that I was responsible for each one they uttered.

I was aware of things being said around me, words and phrases like 'whore', 'delicious slut' and 'nice tits' caught my ear but most of it faded into the background as each man was brought to climax in my arms.

Then another came forward and I recognised him as the male that had spoken first and I reached for his cock but he pushed my hand away. He lifted me slightly and shifted me to the very edge of the stool and I was instantly frightened and my eyes searched for Mac amongst the men. He was watching me closely and when I looked at Him, He smiled and nodded that it was ok. This man directed two others to stand behind me and he lifted my legs and tipped me back and I realised what he meant to do and my eyes searched for Mac again.

This time Mac seemed to be questioning if I was ok and I knew that I was. I wanted to be ass fucked, I wanted it to hurt like I knew it would, I wanted it to be this man that did it. I smiled at Mac and He smiled back and I let Him slip from my mind as this mans cock pressed against my ass. My legs were resting up his chest and the two men behind me supported my back. His cock pressed and pressed and pressed and filled me and pressed some more. He fucked me with the finesse of someone who knew what he was doing. It was rough and hard but it didn't cause the pain to rip through me the way that I thought it would.

'For fuck's sake, will someone suck on her tits?' he ordered and two men came forward to comply and he reached down and rubbed my clitoris and made me come then made me come again. I was sobbing by now and he pushed the two men away and lent forward to suck and bite on my tits himself and leave me with bruises that are visible today. He growled and grunted with the effort of his orgasm and I stroked his cheek as he came.

Mac came over to me then and told me it was enough but I knew there were still two men that hadn't come. He relented and allowed me to kneel on the floor and take the last two in my mouth, offering that anyone who wanted to come over me while I sucked on a cock was welcome too. By the time the two men had come I was dripping with semen from other men.

Mac helped me to my feet and led me to a small bathroom off the main room and He helped me clean off most of the mess. He told me I was a beautiful slut and He was very proud of me and that I had pleased Him very much.

W/we went back out into the main room and I knelt by Mac's side while the men came up and offered Him their thanks and compliments and I let most of it slide over my head, not really thinking at all. The last to leave was the guy who had fucked my ass and I heard him tell Mac that he would be open to getting together again. My cunt throbbed.

W/we left then. A cab was waiting for U/us when W/we walked out the door and I gratefully snuggled up next to Mac in the back seat. I stared at Him and after a while He frowned and asked me what was wrong.

'You haven't used me.' I said.
He laughed and pulled me down so that my head was lying on His lap.
'No, I haven't. But I am going to.'

I started to cry.
'What's wrong?' He asked again.
'I want You to fuck my ass. I need you too.' I was sobbing again.
'Oh baby,' He gently stroked my hair. 'I am going to. You are Mine.'

When W/we got back to the hotel He made me climb on the bed and present my ass to Him. He was rough and loving, vicious and gentle, He bit my neck and my shoulders and He made me come again and again and again and then He came too. He held me while I cried myself to sleep. Somewhere in there I had mentioned the blog and after He had slept a while He got up and read it while I was asleep. He did some work and ordered room service for dinner and woke me up to eat.

W/we talked about nothing and I can't remember what I said but there was something that made Him throw His head back and laugh and I have never loved Him more. I ran U/us a bath and W/we sat in it together and Mac told me a story about His childhood that I hadn't heard before.

When W/we got out W/we pulled the room's only chair over in front of the window and I sat on His lap sipping orange juice while He enjoyed JD with lots of rocks. He asked me if I would like to see the guy who ass fucked me again. I buried my face in His neck and told Him that I would. He said that He would arrange it. W/we are here for a week. I asked if He minded if W/we saw him again and Mac grinned at me and told me He was happy that there was someone worth me fucking.

'It's only sex, Sarah. Just sex.'

I giggled at Him and agreed with Him and slid from His lap to my knees and I told Him I wanted to show Him how it felt when it was love.

I took His cock into my mouth and His knuckles went white as He gripped the armrests on the chair.

And today I wish W/we could do it all again.

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