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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Taisha made a comment the other day that "Mac needs to open up a school where we can send our men for training". This made Mac and I laugh, as "man school" is Mac's favourite excuse for everything He does.

When He turned the washing pink, He said: "Men should always mix up colours when doing the washing, that way she will never ask you to do it again. They taught me that in Man School."

When I complain that He has hardly kissed me in days He says: "There isn't a woman on the face of the earth that has been kissed enough. They taught me that in Man School."

When He works His way through an entire loaf of bread at lunchtime He says: "A man needs to eat lots. They taught me that in Man School."

When He choses a lamb roast over sex He says: "The sex will still be hot later, the roast won't be. They taught me that in Man school."

But when a woman starts hitting on Him at the bar and I ask what He did to attract her, He says: "Raw animal sexuality. Some have it." And He shrugs.

W/we fly out of Turkey tonight and I can't say I am sorry to be leaving. I miss real food and real towels and Emma and O/our bed. It will just be nice to be home.

W/we didn't get to see the Alpha male again, the guy who ass fucked me at lunch the other day. There was just no time that W/we could get together so W/we had to let it pass. I was a little disappointed, I thought that guy would be a lot of fun to talk with as well as play.

Instead, last night Mac got me to lie naked on the bed, my knees raised and open so that He had an unobstructed view of my cunt. He then told me to masturbate and while I did He wove a delicious fantasy into my mind. His voice was soft and wicked and the only time He paused was to allow me to recover from orgasm before leading me into the next.

Mac told me He had been thinking about my Italian rugby player and I and this fantasy was how Mac imagined the encounter could have happened:

We sat at the bar, the Italian and I, side by side. His size made me feel so very small. The people that had been around us had drifted to the other side of the bar and although we could see them over the counter and could hear them talking and laughing we really took no notice of them at all.

He reached for something on the bar and his hand brushed across my breast and I shivered with lust. The bartender placed my drink a little too far away from me and as I tried to balance on my stool I slipped a little and my hand went to his thigh to steady myself. I felt his hardness throbbing beneath the material of his pants.

He teased and I blushed, he touched and I shivered, the arousal and anticipation grew. He purposely turned his hand over and brushed the back of his fingers across an already erect nipple and he leant towards me.

'Sarah,' he whispered in my ear. 'I want to come now.'
'Please,' I begged. 'Come inside me, please?'

He stood and moved behind me, lifting me from the stool and placing my chest on the bar. He shifted the stool and peeled my panties down to my knees. My breasts were pressed flat against the bar and my hands trapped beside them, balancing myself precariously so that I didn't fall. He took his cock from his pants and spat on his hand, rubbing it along his cock and sliding a finger into my ass.

He pulled me back a little, guiding my ass onto his cock. I could feel him press and press and my muscles relaxed, allowing him to enter as he pressed some more. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as he carefully lowered me onto his cock, taking my weight onto himself. He slid his hands beneath my top to hold my breasts, crushing them as he pressed me back into the bar for leverage. He used his hips to fuck me without thrusting, letting me use my muscles to increase the pleasure that he felt. His cock pulsed and his semen spilt inside me with barely a groan escaping his lips.

He withdrew and lifted me to balance on the bar once more as he pulled my panties back up into place. I looked guiltily at the other side of the bar, hoping no one had noticed us while he settled me back onto the stool and sat himself beside me. We smiled and we talked and we teased some more. I squirmed in my seat as I felt his semen pool beneath me in my panties and he asked why I was wriggling about.

I lent over and licked his ear and whispered that his come was leaking from me. He grinned at me wickedly and slid his fingers up my inner thigh, moving aside my panties to allow him access to my cunt. He rubbed his fingers through his semen and then over my clitoris, slipping and sliding across it and then inside me, then across it again.

I came and came again and I tried to maintain composure as I watched the people on the other side of the bar. He whispered that he was hard again and I took his cock from his pants and we caressed each other as we tried to look like we were just conversing like everyone else. I came again and he said he was ready and I dipped my head below the bar and took his cock into my mouth and I swallowed as he spilt inside me again.

It was at this point that Mac moved to the bed and knelt between my legs and told me I needed to take care of Him now. I sat up and stroked His cock with both hands and told Him of how I wanted the Italian to fuck me against the wall.

He was a full head taller and twice as wide as me and he pushed me back against the wall and lifted me with ease. I had to stretch my legs wide to get them around his back and I twisted my fingers into his hair to hold on. He shifted his hands to my ass and impaled me on his cock. He was brutal, viciously fucking me while he bit at my shoulders and neck and lips. I could hardly breath from the pounding of His body and the way my cunt was stretched around his cock. He grunted and growled, his body tense as he flooded my cunt with semen.

And Mac came all over my belly and pussy as I smiled and gurgled at Him. He pushed me back and laid over me, kissing me and smiling as I held His face between my hands and told Him how much I adored Him.

And now I have to pack because W/we are going home today!

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