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Sunday, February 15, 2004

This happened a few nights back, before the adventure, but with everything else that has been going on I haven't had a chance to post it. So I will post it now because, at least to me, it was kind of cute.

How Sarah's mouth gets her into trouble. And how it gets her out of it again.

It's 3am.

Mac is sleeping soundly. Sarah is not. She is thirsty and she wants orange juice. They have no orange juice in the hotel room. Sarah decides to log on to the computer to take her mind off the orange juice.

She checks her pager. Wench is there. They talk, they giggle quietly. Sarah tells wench she wants orange juice but isn't about to go wandering around a strange city at 3am. Wench says call room service, but Sarah knows if they knock it will wake Mac. Wench says wait in the hall for it. Sarah really wants orange juice.

She sneaks into the bathroom and uses the phone in there to call room service and she orders a big jug of orange juice and hopes that the guy taking the order's English is good enough to understand 'big jug of orange juice'. Sarah discovers the need to know how to say 'good morning' in Turkish.

Wench steps away to deal with pitter-patter. Sarah goes to wait for the orange juice. She gets the giggles over being in the hallway wearing Mac's shirt, waiting for orange juice at 3.30am. The room service waiter acts as if this is nothing new. Maybe it happens all the time.

Pitter-patter are dealt with. Sarah sips her orange juice. They talk some more before Sarah hears the sleepy voice of doom.

'Christ woman, what time is it?' Mac seems to be having trouble opening His eyes.
'Uh, well. It's um 4am now' Sarah answers sheepishly
'What the fock are you doing?' (He means fuck, but really, it sounds like fock.)
'Just talking to wench.'
'Oh.'(Moment of silence.) 'Well say goodbye, get your ass over here and take my orgasm in your mouth.'
'You want my ass so you can come in my mouth?' (At 4am Sarah really has an attitude.)
'Don't be a smartass woman, get over here and get over here now.'
'Yes Sir.' She salutes. (Sarah REALLY has an attitude.)
'Get over here or I will give you a smack in the mouth.' (Mac looks kind of almost serious in a horny sleepy tousled way.)
'Promises, promises,' Sarah singsongs as she crawls up the bed.
'What in hell's name were you and wench talking about at 4am?' (Mac has decided to ignore the 'promises promises' comment.)
'The state of world politics in the late renaissance period. What else would we be talking about?' Sarah smiles at Him extra sweetly.
'You are so asking for it woman.' (Mac is now wearing the evil wicked grin from hell.)
'What am I asking for?' Sarah enquires with an air of innocence. (Sarah really should learn to stop.)

Silence rules the room as Sarah discovers what Mac thought she was asking for. It is really hard to be a smart mouth when your mouth is being thoroughly fucked while hands use your hair to hold your head still. She gags and she chokes and still He fucks her hard. She reaches between His legs and slides the tip of a finger into His ass so that He will come. His orgasm is spectacular and Sarah doesn't have a hope in hell of swallowing all the semen He spurts inside her mouth. She cleans Him up with her tongue.

Sarah moves up the bed and snuggles into Him.

'I am thirsty.' Mac sighs sleepily.
'Want some orange juice?' Sarah asks brightly

Mac nods and Sarah gets Him a drink. He swallows it down and lies back, pulling Sarah to Him and He starts to drift off to sleep.

'Where the fock did the orange juice come from?'

And as Sarah opens her mouth to tell Him He covers it with His hand.

'I think its just best if I go to sleep now. Not another word.' He tells her and she knows He means it.

Sarah giggles and Mac smiles and tucks her back into His arms and she watches Him as He falls asleep.

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