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Sunday, March 28, 2004

I am sorry. I am running later than normal with posting. My days from here until probably next Monday are going to be a little on the dishevelled side. I am going to think myself lucky if I manage to post. I will do my best.

Dawn asked for some questions and she also answered them beautifully and honestly. Thankyou Dawn.

I was trying to think of something to write about and I keep thinking of Mac's new Captain Caveman personality and giggling. I should mention, in all fairness, that yesterday Mac and I had a long discussion on Shakespeare. Mac took great pleasure in discussing old Williams's penchant for order inversion and usage shifts, offering me examples of both, quoted from memory. (Mind you, He couldn't tell you what He had for breakfast!) I listened along pretending that I had a clue and feeling like the grammar ignoramus I am. I decided in all wisdom not to offer an opinion as that would allow Him the insight into just how ignorant I am and I just nodded sagely and looked suitably impressed, certain that at least one of U/us knew what He meant. Of course, knowing Mac, it all could have just been something He made up. (Grins)

On another level, there was a day before all this work started that Mac and I spent visiting His cousins. While all the men gathered in the family room to watch the rugby on television Mac sat with a six week old baby girl in His arms and did His best to explain to her the offside law in rugby. She looked at Him, her tiny eyes darting across His face while her lips moved in an imitation of His without any sound coming out. She had Him enthralled. Not even I can get that much attention from Him when rugby is on.

And He calls me a complex creature!

On a recent holiday, wench saw something that made her think of Mac and Sarah. When she showed me it, I started to cry (yes, yes I know, I am a baby.)I thought it was beautiful that she thought of Mac and I and it is so rare to find something so perfectly right. I intend on purchasing one of these for Mac's desk because Mac spends all His time in reality. He sometimes needs a reminder to look for fairies and I like the idea that He will look at it and know that His fairy is safe in His arms. Thankyou wench. Your thoughtfulness always makes me smile.

Ok I have to go, male family members will be here soon to stand around drinking beer and discuss how there is really nothing they can do until W/we can start moving furniture into the new house on Wednesday while female family members rescrub the already over-scrubbed bathroom and wait for the men to decide to burn some meat.

Mmmmm feels like a Sunday to me!

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