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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I know everyone has his or her own idea of what makes good porn and what doesn't. I first saw a porn movie when I was 14. It was a strange film that I don't remember much about except that in the bits where the normal movies cut away, this film just kept going. It wasn't all huge cocks and bad music. It was just a girl who was doing it with everyone she met, including an uncle and a cousin. I honestly was attracted to the movie, but it wasn't throbbingly sexy.

Having a big brother meant that I got to see all sorts of things that my mother probably didn't plan on me seeing, though my brother refused to let me watch the Animal Farm video, he said something about horses and chickens and NO! I really should thank him for that. I also got to see many magazines that I would never have seen otherwise and there were some bad ones, and there were some not so bad ones and there were some that turned me on. I found out that I was much more turned on by the writing then by the images. My imagination was much more sexy than the actual sight of a cock or pussy.

Needless to say that when porn became something I could surf at any time I liked, I just didn't bother with it.

Yesterday W/we had a little accident though. I say an accident because I accidentally found a pay porn site in my referrals to this blog. When I checked it out, there was no link to me on the page, and I don't know how it happened but I have only had the one referral from that page. I have had a referral before from a different pay site, but again it was only the one so I assume there is some sort of anomaly at work.

Anyways, I checked out this referrer and it turned out to be a porn site that had a front page of three very pretty women and three men you hardly saw and the pics were very nice. Very nice. So nice I showed Mac. There were pics of two of the girls kissing while both were being taken from behind, and pics of the same two girls being kissed by the man who is fucking the girl beside them. There were pics of the three of the girls laying on the floor while the guys knelt over their chests and came over them. And there was a final shot of three semen soaked girls kissing each other. Mac dragged me back to bed.

When He got home W/we were talking about the pics when He asked me to find some more. So I went on a porn hunt. I started at the Hun and went from there. I had asked Mac what He wanted to see and He said come-soaked sex so that was what I was looking for.

About the fourth site I come across showed a girl on her knees in the middle of a circle jerk. There was a lot of semen in her mouth, and on her face. I was aroused not only by the scene but by the look of pleasure on her face. She was enjoying herself. I have never seen a girl take part in a circle like that. I have been the girl in the centre but never seen it happen. I showed Mac. W/we discovered if you clicked the pics you got a short 10 second film. W/we watched the large middle pic first. W/we were both very aroused. Mac said 'Sarah? That's what I see when you do that. That's my Sarah.' I was speechless. I saw what He could get out of it. I saw what He sees in it. It turned me on. I imagine with it being me in the centre it turns Him on more. Yes He feels some jealousy but even stronger is the arousal that this come-crazy little whore is giving Him. He wants to pull my hair and drag me to Him and make me take His come too. Which of course, last night, He did.

I am going to post the link, but I want you all to understand that this is an EXPLICIT LINK. It shows pictures of group oral sex and semen. If you are offended by such things DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. If you do choose to click on the link I hold no responsibility for any corruption of morals that you may suffer from. (Did I cover myself enough?) Ok the link is HERE. (This page is free and pop up free. Click on the pics to see short 10-second films of the action)

The reason I am including the link is because I wanted you all to see it and tell me what you thought. Does it disgust, delight, do nothing for you? Tell me which is your favourite picture? Be honest, I really would like to know your opinions on it.

I had to take Mac's pleasure again this morning. Sometimes it is tough to be a sex slave. (Nods.) Now if you will all excuse me, Mac has said that He will try to be home early tonight and I need to find some more pics that He will like.

I intend on enticing Mac into long, drawn out, multiply orgasmic sex.

I may even have an orgasm or two myself.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:12 am

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