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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Last night I started to write out a rape fantasy to post in today's blog. I thought it could be a Sunday treat (or something). It's not easy thinking of things to write about Mac and I when O/our conversations are short lived and mainly concentrate on how work and packing is progressing. There were a couple of times yesterday that W/we took a break together and sat on the couch to kiss and talk but I don't think you all want to hear the about just how silly and soppy W/we can get when snuggling.

So as I was saying, last night I started to write a rape fantasy with every intention of finishing it off this morning and posting it. I even got it to the stage where the girl is standing naked, hands held behind her back in a room with six men, the first about to take her when...

Mac decided to change it completely. You see He had a fantasy that He decided to tell me about. So I am trying to think of six guys, and Mac's fantasy involved three guys and I just can't get it out of my head. So today you get to hear Mac's fantasy instead of mine. Once again, the writing may be mine, but the idea was all His, and I apologize to Him if I stuff it up.

By the way, He was using my body for His pleasure as He told me this fantasy and some of the slapping and such actually happened. I will leave it up to the imagination which parts He spoke about and which parts He actually did but His orgasm was one of the strongest I have ever seen Him have. Perhaps that's why it is so hard for me to think of anything else. (God, I love it when He comes.)

Mac's fantasy.
Mac had returned early from a trip and was standing at the door looking in on the room I am in. There are three men with me, workmen by the look of the clothes and tools strewn about the floor. I am lying on a mattress on the floor. The back of my head towards Mac so I have no clue that He is there.

There is one guy between my legs, on his haunches, with my ass resting high up on his thighs. My thighs are pressed back towards my tummy and although Mac can't see, from the moans I make and the way I am pushing, He assumes the guy's cock is in my ass.

The other two guys are kneeling either side of me, their cocks huge and jutting as I hold one in each hand. I am moving my head from one side to the other taking each man into my mouth in turn. The guy with his cock in my ass is talking to me, calling me names and I am moaning almost in time with his words.

'Filthy cum sucking whore'...whimper
'Dirty little tart'...moan
'Cock sucking ass fucked slut' ...gasp

He pauses as he realises Mac is there and I moan.

'Don't stop. More. More.'

One of the guys with his cock in my hand announces he is about to come. I have the other in my mouth. As soon as the announcement is made I almost start to cry and turn my head. I am raising myself off the mattress to get at him, gurgling and moaning as I try to reach more of his cock.

'Mmmmm please, ...come, ...oh baby, ...oh baby.' My sucking and licking muffle all of my words. He tosses his head back and shouts NOW and I whimper and gurgle as He shoots a full load of semen into my mouth. I am twisted, both my hands around his ass pulling him deeper. I am crazy for him, for his orgasm and his cock, both the other men forgotten. He finishes off and I try to lick at his balls and his tummy and he laughs and pushes me away.

The guy on the other side of me starts to come, spurting onto my shoulder and I groan and turn to him and greedily take him into my mouth and finish him the same manner as I had finished off the other.

There is just the one guy left and he is grunting and thrusting at my ass. Mac hasn't stopped the other two so he continues fucking me, making me groan and whimper with each thrust.

'You really are a greedy fucking bitch' he growls and I sob and reach for him.

'Please Sir, let me kiss you and make you come.'

He looks at me and laughs and moves so that he can kiss me. I run my hands over his back. I am crying and telling him he is beautiful and when he kisses me all that can be heard is my gasping and whimpering. He starts to grunt, obviously about to come and I hold his head in both hands and kiss him with all I have. I push against His cock, trying to tighten on him to make his orgasm deep and long. His mouth is free for a second.

'Bitch,' He whispers. 'Whore. Cunt. Dirty slut.' And I come and pull his mouth to mine again.

When he is finished he stays knelt between my legs and I am suddenly aware of Mac standing at the door and I am torn between the two men. The man between my legs has his semi-erect cock covered in semen and juices and the silence in the room stretches until I softly whisper to Mac.

'Master, may I clean him, please?'

Mac nods and I lie between the man's legs, cleaning his cock and balls with my tongue. When I am finished the men leave and I have to stand before Mac and face His wrath.

He drags me around the room, making me dress in the skirt, panties and top that He hands me. He finds me the highest heeled shoes that I own and forces them onto my feet. There is semen in my hair, glistening on my cheeks and leaking from my ass as He drags me into the nearest bar.

My punishment for being such a slut is for Him to offer me to everyone in the bar. He leans me over a stool, pulls my skirt up and panties down around my ankles and announces an ass fucking session is going to take place. Anyone who would like to fuck my ass is invited to line up and He watches while I am mounted by one after another like a bitch in heat.

One guy tries to slide his cock into my pussy and Mac stops him and tells him ass only. I turn to Mac and beg with Him to allow the man to fuck me that way. Mac slaps me and tells me to shut up. And as the next guy mounts me and presses into my ass, Mac slaps me again and again and then tongue fucks my mouth.

It was here that Mac stopped talking and raped my mouth with His tongue until He came in what looked like a most painful way. (He really does look like He is in intense pain when He comes.) When He was finished I got the giggles and He called me a bad girl even though this had all come from HIS mind. Apparently the multiple orgasms I had endured during the telling made me appear less than innocent in His eyes.

I keep thinking about this and if W/we would ever do this and the answer is: of course not. There is no way on earth I would pick up three strange men and bring them back to O/our place and I very much doubt that Mac would let it continue if He caught me in such a situation and as for taking me to a bar and offering me up, more than likely that would just get U/us arrested! But sometimes fantasies are fun because of the total unlikeliness of them coming true and that's why they can be so wicked too. I like the way that Mac and I 'live' these fantasies within the safety of each other. It's kind of the lazy way to make sex just that much more fun.

I like fun.

I really really do.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:56 am

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