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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A long time ago, back when Mac and I were friends, He told me that He used to be a complete bastard to girls. He said that He was the type of guy a girl should never fall for because He was a guy that would bite your lip while kissing you under the mistletoe, and grin as He made His way back to His girlfriend.

As He got older He quit doing things like that but it is an image of Him that has stayed with me. Before He made me His, I wrote this:

"Her eyes met his across the room and she knew. He was attracted to her. That was obvious. She gave this some thought as the evening progressed; her eyes and his meeting more than could be passed off as coincidence. People milled around, mostly inconsequential and mostly unnoticed. Social politeness was observed by both, jokes laughed at, serious ideas argued seriously.

Inevitably they come face to face. The room disappeared from around them. The expected greetings exchanged. She watched the way his eyes danced across her face, noting imperfections and the way they fit so perfectly to make her beautiful. She did not doubt he found her so, his appreciation obvious. They talked about inane things, the uncannily warm weather, the way the evening was progressing, mutual acquaintances, while they drank each other in.

Her face flushed slightly as she watched the words spill from his moist lips, his tongue moving expertly against his teeth as he formed each syllable. She was very aware of his presence, his stance, his hands as they talked. She was very aware of the way his body spoke to hers, the things his eyes said while his lips spoke of small nothings. He made her feel proud to be female, to be a woman. She answered his questions with subtle movements of her own. A soft brush of her fingers against her neck, a tug on a curl of her hair, the flush that crept through her skin making her glow. He was aware of the effect his presence had on her and it caused him to smile.

She felt his smile deep within her being and she wondered at the reactions this stranger could cause with in her. She could see herself kneeling at his feet, surrounded by his strength and love, she could imagine herself wrapped nakedly around his body engulfed in his pleasure, she could envision herself giving totally to this man all she was. Her heart raced within her chest as she found herself wishing this man would take her, demand things of her she had never imagined doing. She wanted his control, his presence, his dominance as part of her life. He reached out and tucked a stray curl behind her ear. She shuddered with the overwhelming desire that over took her. The need to beg this man for his attention welled up inside her.

Her breath escaped from her lips in a hiss as they were suddenly joined by another who moved in close beside him. He grinned wickedly at her obvious discomfort. He turned to the intruder and slid his arm around the girl's tiny waist. She fought back the shock as he introduced her to his girlfriend. She could see the laughter in his eyes as she felt herself struggle to maintain control of her emotions. She waited an appropriate length of time before she politely excused herself and made her escape.

His eyes followed her like that of a hunter following his prey. He knew that she thought the game was over, but for him, it was only just starting to get interesting."

Sometimes, when Mac is watching me, I still feel like He is the hunter following His prey.

I just hope He captures me tonight.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 9:02 am

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