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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Mac is home, as most of you would know, but it wasn't the homecoming I had expected. He was wound tighter than I have ever seen Him and not with His usual bounding energy, but with a tension that is so very rarely there. Mac is the type of person who doesn't allow tension to build up, blowing off steam in either getting done what needs to be done, or if He can't do that, working out. He had been unable to do either.

So W/we lay in bed together, and He allowed me to see something He almost never shares. He was naked before me. I don't mean He was undressed, though He certainly was that, He was naked in that He let all His defences down. This past week He has been in a place I can hardly imagine. Mac says I have no idea and I believe He is right. It is a country where the only water you put in your mouth comes from a bottle, and the only food you eat is from the hotel, and you don't go anywhere alone. The streets are full of beggars and you can't give to any without causing a riot even if she is a tiny girl with a babe in her arms.

There was a general strike while He was there which meant that a day's work was mostly lost as it was unsafe to leave the hotel. Mac is a foot taller and fairer than the locals and that meant He would have stood out as a target for the rioting mobs.

The offices He was supposed to work in were unfitted, not even carpet on the floors and everything was covered in filth. The bathrooms were unusable and there were no phone lines connected so when He had been able to get to the office He had ended up having to go back to the hotel and the work He had been asked to do could not be done.

He was exhausted and He was frustrated and these are things Mac usually works out alone, keeping a distance between Himself and the world. But yesterday as W/we lay quietly together He needed a friend to talk with and I am honoured to say that He chose me. I am not just His cook, His slut, His woman, His love, I am also His friend and I think it is an important role to remember. And I am not just His good time pal, someone who is there only for the times that W/we laugh and play, I am here for the tough times as well.

Sometimes I think Mac and I have had it pretty easy, there are no children to fight over, no bills that can't be paid, there aren't even exes to come between U/us. W/we often seem to fall into things with very little effort on O/our part. Mac loves His job and I love the things I do and life is so very good to U/us that I wonder what will happen when something really does go wrong. But then I see in U/us a strength, the strength of being together, of being able to talk, of knowing that W/we are each other's friend. He supported me through my depression and the occasional bouts of doubt I suffer and I love Him through His hard times too. At the end of the day, I believe in U/us and I know W/we can survive whatever the world brings because W/we will do it together.

When He was all talked out I was snuggled into His chest and feeling very warm and loved. He asked if W/we could have sex now and I grinned at Him, both of U/us knowing I don't know how to say no.

W/we made love gently, trying to touch as much of each other as W/we could. W/we hardly made a noise, except for the groans of pleasure and grunts of lust as W/we both tried to reach the end together. I approached the edge first and He asked me to hold for Him and I knew that I would. I slid my tongue into His mouth and He growled deep in His throat and I started to shake with the effort of holding back. He thrust into me deeper and His body tensed and I knew I could let go. W/we came together amidst words of love and pleas to higher beings.

He stayed hard with some help from my muscles and I asked if I could clean Him and He said I could. I loved Him with my mouth, cleaning Him of O/our juices and it wasn't long before He started to grunt with lust again. He held my head as He came, growling at me not to swallow and I held as much of Him as I could inside my mouth. He drew me up to His side and He kissed me taking His come inside His mouth and turning me onto my back. He knelt between my legs and I held my pussy open and He let His come dribble from His mouth onto my clitoris. And when He was done He licked along my pussy and gathered it up and did it again. I came more from watching Him than anything else and grinned at me as He climbed over my shuddering body.

W/we kissed and W/we made each other comfortable within O/our arms and I watched Him fall asleep. Then I slept too.

When W/we woke there were family to call and work to be checked and W/we were content just to sit quietly together and take care of what needed to be done.

Last night as W/we tumbled into bed to make love again it was a much more relaxed and happy Mac that wrapped me in His arms. When I woke this morning there was a slight smile on His sleeping face and I can't help but feel partially responsible for that.

It fills me with happiness that I bring Him peace too.

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