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Monday, March 08, 2004

Something happened on Saturday that I almost don't want to share, just because I don't want my words to take anything away from it. It was one of those perfect moments in time that is almost impossible to capture. I know Mac wants me to write about it. I know that He loves to read about it because there are things He can't know unless I write it, such as how I was feeling and what I was thinking. Also, at the time that things are happening, Mac tends to forget what it was that made His breath catch and His cock throb. Many times when He reads about O/our sex, He says 'Oh yeah, that WAS nice.' So I will share.

W/we have a friend, well, He is Mac's friend really. His name is Ben. They have been good friends probably since they first started school. Ben is a lot like Mac, good looking, intelligent and a bundle of energy. They played rugby for the same team, and were more often than not picked for the same representative sides, travelling together mostly unchaperoned (anyone who thinks a bunch of 16-17 year olds can be watched 24/7 by half the number of adults is not thinking straight). And between them, I am positive they broke many hearts.

Their first sexual experience together was when a lovely girl by the name of Bertha jerked them both off during lunch in the boiler room at school. Since then, they have shared many girls, more than Mac has cared to admit. There are things that I have heard about the rugby team, and things that they have hinted at, but when I have asked Mac He has just shrugged and said that they were young and that there are things it would be best I didn't know.

I have had sex with Ben on more than one occasion, sometimes as part of a group and sometimes just with Mac present. I have never had sex with Ben without Mac there and nor would I. I don't think Ben would ever suggest it. There is a lot of respect between the two of them. W/we don't see him often, Ben took a job overseas after he finished university. He is only home three or four weeks out of the year so when he is around W/we try to see him.

So Saturday night W/we invited Ben around for dinner. I have to admit; being the only girl sitting at the dinner table with these two men is a treat in itself. They are witty and so fast and I often found myself giggling like an idiot into my glass of wine or trying not to choke on my dinner. Ben told U/us about his travels and some of the girls that he has met and the reason why he is still single. (He enjoys being a slut too much.) I told him that the girl he ends up marrying will be one whose virginity he has taken and he grinned and told me girls like that are getting harder to find.

After dinner I left the men at the table to chat while I cleared a few things away. If anything was to be decided it would be done between them and if I needed to be told I would. I was smiling while I stacked the dishwasher.

They came into the kitchen, both of them chuckling over something one of them had said. Mac moved Himself behind me and shuffled me to stand in front of Ben. I asked what they had been laughing about and Ben told me the joke while Mac stood behind me sucking on my neck and letting His hands wander over my breasts. I found it hard to listen to Ben and Ben found it hard to concentrate as Mac pulled up my top to reveal the lace of my bra that barely covered my breasts. When Ben stammered for the third time Mac chuckled in my ear.

'Oh for heaven sake. Baby let him suck your tits.' He said.

I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it and my bra straps from my shoulders and Mac cupped my breasts from behind and offered them to Ben. Ben's kisses were gentle and his tongue felt lovely while Mac's lips travelled up to my ear. I played with Ben's hair while he loved my breasts. Mac moved His hands down my body and lifted up my skirt and He whispered for me to take out Ben's cock.

I jerked Ben gently, enjoying the way He moaned into my nipple. I shifted my body into him and used his cock to paint his precum on my pussy. I was standing between two men that I totally adored and lusting and being lusted by them both. Loving and being loved by them both. It was beautiful and it was decadent and it was so completely sensual that I was almost at orgasm just from being touched by them both.

Mac pulled me back against Him and I could feel Mac's hardness, still in His pants, pressing against my ass. Mac told me to put my legs around Ben and together they held me up while I guided Ben's cock inside me. I leant against Mac for support with my arms around Ben's shoulders and my legs wrapped around Ben's waist. Mac held me under my thighs and moved me up and down, using me to fuck Ben's cock. I turned my head to the side and offered Mac my tongue and He gently sucked on it while I came. Ben started moaning watching U/us and I turned back to him and pulled his mouth to mine and I kissed him, making Him moan again. He shuddered and Mac pressed my thighs together and sucked on my neck and Ben came, his cock spurting deep inside me.

I kissed Ben again and he slowly withdrew but Mac told me to keep my legs around Ben's waist. I hung between them and Mac reached between my legs and cupped my pussy, playing in the heat that Ben had left behind. Ben moved down to suck on my breast and Mac's fingers rubbed Ben's semen into my clitoris and I cried out and came again.

When He was finished playing Mac lowered my legs to the floor and brought His fingers to my mouth to suck. He asked me if I would like to clean Ben and I shyly nodded yes and Mac told me that I was allowed.

I knelt in front of Ben and I took the whole of his cock into my mouth while I felt his semen run down my thigh. Ben stroked my hair while I cleaned him, touching me softly and I felt a gentle love for him fill my heart. I heard Mac tell him that He needed to be with me now and Ben offered me a hand to help me stand.

When Ben had done up his trousers I put my arms around his neck and I kissed him, a proper lover's kiss, with lips and tongue and love. When the kiss was over, I touched his cheek and I said 'thankyou' and I meant it with all my heart.

'Sarah, you are lovely,' Ben whispered and he kissed my forehead and let me go. Ben and Mac shook hands and there was something said about lunch that I didn't listen too and Ben said goodnight and he was gone.

Mac pulled me to Him and His kisses were full of feeling, love, lust, jealousy, adoration, and possession. I felt it all. He lifted me onto a kitchen stool and told me how beautiful I was. His hands were on my cheeks and travelling down my neck and it was almost like He wanted every part of me to belong to Him again. And it did. I did. I do. W/we made love while I sat on the stool, my legs around His waist, His tongue in my mouth, His body pressed against mine. I felt so full of love that tears started falling from my eyes. Mac kissed them from my cheeks and told me that He would always love me. Always. All ways.

When He entered me I felt Him slide through Ben's semen, I felt it surround Mac's cock and I came from knowing it was happening and then Mac came too. I held His face in my hands and I kissed Him over and over while my muscles worked to drain Him of everything He had to give. W/we stayed like that for a long time, just kissing and touching and loving each other until Mac lifted me from the stool and carried me to O/our bed.

On Sunday W/we went to the pub for lunch and met up with friends and of course Ben was there. W/we laughed ourselves silly watching Ben chat up a girl W/we sort of know and I warned her that he would treat her badly, he would use her and then he wouldn't call. Ben thanked me for helping and told me I was welcome to shut up now and I grinned at him broadly and kept helping, as did Mac.

As they were leaving to go back to her place Ben kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. He flies back to somewhere unpronounceable today. He walked to the door and patted the girl on the ass and turned back to wink at U/us. I looked at Mac and W/we both rolled O/our eyes and started laughing at him again.

And Ben. Well I love him, but it's not like I love Mac. He is a friend but he is more than that and I hope he keeps safe and takes care.

And Mac, I don't know how He feels. I don't even know if He knows how He feels. Seeing me with Ben makes Him jealous, but the jealousy arouses Him and it seems to make Him love me more. I don't know if it makes sense and I guess it doesn't matter if it does, Mac looked at me with such love that I am unable to question if it's right or wrong.

When He looks at me like that, I know it is forever.

And I can't see that as a bad thing at all.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 6:56 am

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