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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Speaking of cumsluts...

From a song by Nickelback.

Figured You Out.

"I like your pants around your feet,
And I like the dirt that's on your knees,
And I like the way you still say please
While you're looking up at me.
You're like my favourite disease."

I mentioned the words from that song the first time I asked for His come on my face yesterday. W/we were on O/our way out the door so He pretty much ignored me.

The second time I asked for His come on my face W/we were in the middle of a store, people milling around U/us everywhere. He smiled at me indulgently and I was starting to think I was pushing Him too far. Then He whispered to me that W/we could get some pretty girl to lick His come from my face when He was done with me.

The third time I asked for His come on my face was when W/we had arrived back home and He told me He needed to come. He told me to kneel, hands behind my back and I did. I turned my face up to Him and I watched as He jerked His cock.

I could see how swollen it was, engorged with lust for me, the head of His cock looking like it might burst. I could smell Him, the tang of precum on the air. I could feel the heat of the blood throbbing through Him. I could hear His hand slide along His cock, that slick sound of skin against slippery skin.

He made that growling noise in the back of His throat and I looked up at Him with my eyes half closed, smiling at Him, while He came across my face.

'God,' He gasped when I was wearing all His semen. 'You look so proud of yourself.'

And I was, proud to be marked by Him, proud to be the receptacle of His pleasure, proud to be His cumslut.

He told me He wanted to take me out in public, just the way I was, my face and hair sticky with His semen so I could show off that I had pleasured my Male. And while He told me this He smeared His semen around my face with His still hard cock. I tried to reach it with my tongue any time He was near my mouth so that I could taste Him. It was sensual and erotic and so dirty and I loved the way it felt.

His cock never softened and the use of my tongue and lips and the look on my face and the dirtiness of it all had Him adding another layer of semen to the first and He stood back to watch as it dripped from my chin to my tits.

I don't know if I would be proud of myself to be in public with His come on my face, but I certainly was while kneeling on O/our floor.

The again, when I hold His hand, I know that anything is possible.

Mac was just in the kitchen making tea (yes He knows where the kitchen is!) and He came back to this room to ask me what I thought most women see a cumslut as. He feels they see it as a slut that likes to come a lot, as opposed to the way I see it as a slut that likes to be come on, or in, or because of. I wondered, those out there that consider themselves to be cumsluts, is it because you like to come a lot, or because you like to make Him come?

He is going away in a couple of hours. He will be gone for two or three days. I think I should go make the most of the time W/we have before He goes.

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