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Friday, March 19, 2004

Talking about my washing...

I dress for Mac. That's not to say that He chooses each and every outfit that I wear, just that when I choose an outfit, I make sure that it is something that Mac would like. I own nothing that Mac thinks is awful and I own a lot of things that Mac thinks are sexy and some things that Mac thinks are nice. Mac likes girls in skirts or dresses more than He likes girls in pants or jeans so I own a lot of skirts and dresses and only a few pairs of pants for the odd occasion when a skirt is just impractical. On those occasions I wear a top that accentuates my breasts.

Mac never asked me to do this. It is actually very very rare for Him to request that I wear something in particular, usually just leaving it up to me to decide. The clothes I wear were something that I wanted to do for Him and I actually started to dress the way He preferred girls to dress long before He made me His.

After years spent running around in jeans and pants, it was rather strange at first to wear skirts. It made me very self-conscious, very aware of my legs and the way I sat and moved. Now I feel funny when I am wearing pants and I usually can't wait to come home and get them off.

Mac has a favourite outfit that He likes me to wear out. It is actually quite a simple outfit, black and casually dressy. Black high heels, black stay up stockings that come three-quarters up my thigh, a mid thigh length black skirt, a black lace bra, a tight black sleeveless top covered by a black lace shirt.

I think for Mac the reason that it turns Him on so much is because nothing is really shown, but everything is hinted at. He knows that under the skirt the stockings give way to bare skin that goes all the way up to the waistband of my skirt. He knows there are no panties under there. He can see just a shadow of cleavage under the lace top and it's just enough to whisper 'slut' while not really looking out of place.

The first time He saw it, W/we were going to a cocktail party at a friend's place and Mac had raced in the door late and quickly showered while I was still getting dressed. Somehow W/we managed to miss each other, He was in the bathroom while I was in the bedroom. I moved to the kitchen He went to the bedroom. I went to the bathroom and He finished getting dressed. He asked me if I was ready and I walked into the bedroom to tell Him I was and He looked at me. I knew that look. That hunter look.

He reached for me and I made my first mistake. I stepped away. Mac grabbed me by the hair and drew me close. Very quietly and firmly He told me never to step away again. His hands moved down over my ass and started to lift up my skirt. I made my second mistake.

'But W/we will be late!'

He growled dangerously and I knew I was treading on thin ice. When Mac has decided that He wants something, He will have it. I knew He wasn't asking me if I wanted to have sex, He was telling me that He wanted to have sex. There was no choice in it. My pussy was throbbing. I love it when He wants like that. One of His hands was running over my bare ass, my skirt having been hiked up so He had access. His other hand was under both my tops, His fingers teasing my nipple through the lace of the bra. He kissed me, a long vicious kiss, bruising my lips with His. I whimpered a complaint about my lipstick and He bit my lips and growled. I shut up. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me onto my knees straddling His lap. He grabbed my hands and brought them to His pants and I could feel the heat coming off His cock. I was completely lost. I couldn't free Him fast enough and my fingers fumbled over each other as His hands pulled my top up and freed my breasts. I released His cock and stroked it lovingly and He grabbed my ass and positioned me over it, letting me guide it to my opening. He pulled me down hard, thrusting up inside me and I shuddered in the pleasure of having Him a part of me again.

'Feed me your tits' He ordered and I held each to His mouth in turn and I whimpered and clenched with each bite and suck He made. He took His time, making me come over and over while He bruised my tits and made them very sore. When He was satisfied with the way they were marked He lay back on the bed and pulled me down harder on His cock. He made me grind myself into Him and He came explosively, throbbing deep inside me.

He smiled that smug little 'I got what I want' smile and lifted me from Him and stood up. I stayed on the bed watching Him a moment and He told me to hurry, W/we were late. I tidied up my tops, smoothing down my skirt and I went to the drawer to get new stockings and panties because His semen had soaked the top of the stockings as soon as I had stood. He said no.

I was not allowed to wear panties or change my stockings. He wanted me to feel Him against my thighs. I opened my mouth to complain but He gave me a warning look and I knew that I had been given all the chances I was going to get. He told me to tidy my make-up and fix my hair and to do it quickly because He was already calling a cab.

In the cab I was pouting and He chuckled and pulled me close to Him and slid His hand up between my now soaking thighs.

'Mmmm' He growled and brought His fingers to my lips and my muscles clenched and more of His semen leaked from me. I wondered if it would show through my skirt. He slid two fingers back inside me and pressed His thumb against my clitoris, whispering to me that the driver couldn't see. He told me that when we arrived at the party He wanted me to find a room that I knew would be empty all night, where W/we could go and be undisturbed. He said that He had decided that by the end of the night He would have used my mouth and my ass, as well as my pussy again and that my breasts would be much more bruised and sore. While He stroked my clitoris, bringing me to orgasm He promised me that by the time W/we got home I would be aching and exhausted and my only thought would be 'give me more'.

I love His promises to me. He has never broken one.

I wear that outfit every chance I get.

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