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Friday, March 12, 2004

There is a rule that Mac and I have. "Don't ask the question if you cant handle the answer." Sometimes I would do well to remember this. There is a switch that has sat in the corner since I said I wanted to be caned. Mac has not mentioned it, and I never asked because I wasn't sure that I wanted to know. But yesterday I asked to be hurt. I didn't expect Him to stay home, but He did. And the answer was...

'Come here, Sarah.' He called simply, yet His tone said so much more and I felt myself submitting to Him before I even entered the room. I went to stand before Him and couldn't raise my eyes, I didn't need to, His hand at my throat brought my face up so my eyes met His.

'Is this what you want?' He teased me as He gently squeezed my throat and lightly kissed my lips. And then He slapped me and kissed me harder as His fingers tightened around my neck.

He slapped me again. Open palm against one cheek and then backhanded across the other until my cheeks burnt from His attention. He kissed me again, a tongue thrusting, mouth fucking, biting, bruising kiss. He slapped me once more.

He ordered me to undress and I did so quickly, cooling my cheeks with my hands. He reached for the switch and I tensed, my body shuddering with apprehension as the heat between my legs increased. He told me to lie on my back on the bed and He used pillows to raise my hips. He positioned my hands to hold my breasts from above, displaying to Him the underneath. I bit my lip and held my breath and I was nowhere near prepared for the white-hot pain that filled my brain.

It was like a thousand tiny mouths with the sharpest of teeth had all decided to feast on me at once. I hated it and I loved it, I feared it and I desired it and I knew that He wasn't going to stop. He raised the switch and brought it down to bite at the underside of my tits again. A metallic taste filled my mouth and I realised it was my blood and I released my lip before I hurt it anymore. On the third stroke I screamed and I lost track of how many after that but I don't think it was long before the screaming stopped and the pain didn't seem to matter anymore. I looked at Him through tear stained eyes and He stopped and bent over to lick along my breasts. I knew the skin was broken from the way that it stung and it just wasn't important at the time.

Mac moved around the bed and told me to open my legs and I begged and pleaded with Him not to as I immediately obeyed. He made me ask for it. He made me beg for it. He made me tell Him I was a slut that wanted her pussy whipped. I begged for it because I wanted it even though I was still shaking my head no. The pain was exquisite as the switch cut into my inner thighs and the place where my leg becomes my groin. He brought it down on my pussy and my clitoris throbbed in evil ecstasy, my body convulsing with each stroke. I realised I was coming and I wondered how I did that without myself knowing and I surprised myself by doing it again.

He tossed aside the switch and He slowly jerked His cock while watching my body spasm. His semen stung me as it landed on the welts. He growled and called me a whore as He rubbed His come into my cunt. He moved His mouth over me and He sucked and licked and bit at my clitoris until I started to scream again. He gathered His semen on His tongue and climbed up over my body. He spat His come on my tits, mixing it with my blood before gathering it up to spit in to my mouth. I was whimpering from the way His body rubbed against my burning skin and tried to push Him away. He laughed, pinning my hands to the bed with one of His own, using the other to slap my face once more. I started crying from somewhere deep inside and He fucked me, simply because He can. I belong to Him.

He held my throat and bit my lips, letting me breathe when He felt that I should. I continued coming as He squeezed and each time He felt my muscles contract He slapped my face again. I gripped at His cock as He fucked me harder and faster, His cock spurting deep inside me as He came. He swore, He cursed and He called me names and He collapsed His body against mine while He caught His breath. I sobbed beneath Him trying to catch mine. I wanted to fall apart and Mac let me, leaving me alone on the bed to cry.

When my storm was mostly over, I took the leather cuffs and went to look for Him. I found Him working in the other room. I knelt beside Him and offered Him the cuffs and said please and He allowed me to put them on. I sat quietly beside Him on the floor, just wanting to be near Him and every now and then He would reach down and pat me on the head.

After some time had passed He asked me if my tits hurt and my god, they did hurt. They felt like they were on fire and I was too scared to move because I knew it would hurt more. I quietly told Him that they hurt and that my thighs were stinging and my pussy burning and He looked at me, bemused. He asked me if my orgasm was near and I realised that it was and looked away and slowly nodded yes. He chuckled at my embarrassment and reached down between my legs to pinch my clitoris. I quickly came again. He wiped His fingers on my cheek and made me clean what was left on them with my tongue. Then He turned back to His work once again.

After more time had passed I noticed that He had stopped typing and I looked up at Him to find Him watching me. He told me His cock was hard and that I had to take care of it but I wasn't to use my hands. I licked and suckled at Him the best I could, tonguing His balls and nuzzling my cheek against Him the way I know He likes. He came against my cheek and hair before He pushed His cock deep into my mouth. When He moved me away from Him my cuffed hands came up to wipe His semen from my cheek but He slapped my hands away and told me to leave it there. I sat beside Him again and let it run down my face unheeded, very aware of its journey down my neck.

More time and I grew tired and I lent my head against His thigh and He asked me to wait just a few minutes more. He finished what He was doing and led me to the bathroom, bending me over the sink. I could see Him in the mirror, standing behind me and I tensed as I felt His cock press against my ass. He pressed more and I tensed more and He slapped my ass and tried again. Then He slapped my ass again. I cried. My breasts were stinging with each movement that I made and now He was making my ass hurt too. He pressed into me again and slowly I relaxed allowing His cock entry to my ass. He fucked me, watching my face in the mirror as He rocked Himself inside me. I wanted to hate Him for hurting me, but I loved Him for hurting me and I came twice more before He filled my ass with whatever semen He had left.

W/we showered together and He helped dry me, putting soothing cream on my breasts and thighs. He tucked me into bed and He lay down beside me and held me while I fell asleep.

I woke some time during the night to find Mac moving His body over mine. He whispered that He loved me, that I was His beautiful girl as I wrapped my legs around Him and made Him a part of me again. W/we made love very gently, softly and He was careful not to hurt my breasts too much. W/we stayed like that a long time, touching each other, marvelling in each other, adoring each other's body. He told me that I please Him and I told Him that I love Him and W/we fell back asleep without either of U/us coming.

I sit here this morning and my glance is drawn to the corner although I don't want to look. The switch is there and it shouldn't be in this room. He must have put it in here when He left the bedroom yesterday and it is messing with my mind. I want to touch it, but I am scared to, the pain is still so fresh that it makes my heart beat faster just knowing it is here. My breasts still sting and thighs still burn when I move and it is keeping my orgasm close. I keep squirming and leaking into the chair. How can I be so turned on by pain? How can I crave something that hurts so much? How can I want already to be used again? I needed Him to do it. I needed His domination and I love Him for every moment He gave and I know that He will be there when I need it again.

Sometimes, thankyou just isn't a big enough word.

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