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Monday, March 15, 2004

This morning when Mac said 'I want your tits' I thought He meant He wanted to fuck them. He didn't though. He wanted to mark them as His. This is something W/we used to do a lot before W/we lived together. Before He left He would suck/bite a mark into each of my breasts so that I would be marked until W/we were together again. Since W/we have lived together I have usually had His mark on me somewhere, breast, neck, thigh, pussy or such. Sometimes it is a love bite. Sometimes it is a bruise from His teeth. It just depends on what He feels like doing at the time.

I removed my top and bra and He kissed my breast, licking and sucking on the nipple before moving beneath it to suck/bite it for a few seconds. Then He moved to the other breast. I love it when I am marked in this way. I was ordered to kneel and take His orgasm from Him with my mouth and I did, licking, suckling, nuzzling until He thrust Himself into my mouth and came deep in my throat, growling at me not to swallow. His semen dripped from my lips and when I tried to stop it He told me to allow it all to spill from my mouth.

He pulled me to my feet and asked me if I wanted Him to take my skirt off. I told Him no, I just wanted it pulled up. He asked if I wanted my panties off and again I said no, I just wanted them pulled down to my knees. He approved of my choices and stepped back to look at me. I had semen in a line from my chin down to my belly and also lines of it on my breasts where it had dripped from my mouth. My skirt was up my panties down and Mac grinned.

'Slut' He said.

He pulled me towards Him and pushed His cock between my legs. I couldn't open my legs because of my panties so I pushed my thighs together to force His cock up against my pussy. He still couldn't get inside me, but the feeling of Him rubbing against me as He fucked my legs was delicious. He told me how much He would love to present me to a room full of men the way I looked, cum-soaked, exposed but unfuckable. They could suck on my breasts, they could slide between my legs, but they couldn't get inside me unless I begged for Him to allow it. And I begged. I begged Mac to fuck me, I begged Him to please fuck me. He waited until He was ready, until I was desperately trying to get more contact between my pussy and His cock, then He pushed me back onto the bed and pulled my panties from my legs and W/we both came with Him deep inside me.

There is something naughty about having my panties around my knees that I just adore. It feels wrong, and I enjoy the feeling of doing something so simple that makes me feel dirty and this is not something new for me. I remember as a child, around the age of 3 and 4 I would climb into bed of a night time and once my mother had turned out the light, I would pull my panties to my knees and my nightshirt up under my arms and push my belly against the big teddy bear I always slept with. I knew it was wrong and that my mother would think I was a bad girl if she caught me, but I spent so much time trying to be her good girl that I enjoyed being bad with the safety of knowing I wouldn't get caught. It's not much different to how I feel today. I enjoy doing bad things, knowing that Mac is there to keep me safe. Of course I still have to look myself in the mirror in the morning and still like the person that I see and the truth is I do. I am a good person at heart, and I do my best never to hurt other people. If I occasionally go against my moral upbringing and have sex with a few (dozen) people and find it very exciting, so be it.

Mac would at this point say stop trying to justify your choices and He is right, I shouldn't try and justify my choices to anyone but Mac and I.

All I really wanted to say was I like feeling like a bad girl. It turns me on.

And I can't see anything wrong with that.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:35 am

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