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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Yesterday, things changed around here. Nothing major, nothing that people would be able to look at and say 'oh look, that's different' but it is a change none the less.

Mac and I were talking yesterday, I mentioned to Him that He and I seemed to be heading into a relationship more intense then it has ever been. He didn't say much. He rarely does when I am discussing 'U/us'. I think He feels it is safer if He just sits quietly (and thinks about rugby). But yesterday He got up and left me sitting on my own quite happily with my thoughts.

He called to me and I went to Him in the bedroom. I saw the switch in His hand. My heart stopped.

'Do you want this, bitch?'
'Yes, Love, I do.' I answered with a calmness I didn't feel.

Then He said something that made my heart start beating again. He said that until He told me otherwise I was to address Him as Master and that I was to assume the submissive pose in His presence. A thousand thoughts went through my mind as I went to my knees before Him and answered Him with 'yes Master'. I needed this. I needed my submission to Him to be complete. It has been building inside me for a while and Mac was allowing it out. I looked at Him a moment. 'Master' has always been something W/we have avoided because so many men demand it instead of allowing it. I realised that Mac was giving me this gift.

He told me that He was going to mark the top of my breasts, that I would be expected to wear a low cut top when W/we went out, my marks would be visible.

'Would you be proud of that, slut?'
'Yes Master.' I answered. I was aroused beyond belief.

I knelt up on my haunches, my hands cupping beneath my breasts, my head back so that He had clear access to my breasts and I felt so much pride at being exactly who I am. He was going to mark me and people would see it. I wasn't scared. I just wanted it so much that I thought I might burst. He looked at me with love and lust and it made my pussy throb.

Four strokes designed to bring tears to my eyes, and then He leant down and raped my mouth with His tongue. He slapped my face.

Four more strokes and He slapped my face again then He held Himself still while He used my mouth to fuck His cock. He slapped me again.

Four more strokes and He told me to look at my tits. I did, and I was amazed. I was shaking from holding position and my breasts were crossed with huge welts and thin lines of blood. The pain reached deep inside me and stroked something primitive and basic in my core. I don't understand it, but I felt wild and I felt free, like nothing could hold me down.

Mac told me to get up on the bed and lie on my back. He pushed my knees up to my chest and told me to hold my legs like that. I obeyed.

Six hard strokes across my ass, touching my pussy and making me scream. He forced His cock inside me and my muscles clenched tight. Six strokes of His cock and I moaned when He took it away. Six more with the switch and six with His cock and I came, begging Him for more.

He traced His cock along some of the bleeding welts and told me to kneel again. He held His cock in front of me and I could see my blood smeared across the head of it. I reached for it with my tongue but Mac slapped me and told me to open my mouth, any semen I failed to swallow would be rubbed into my tits. He ordered me to masturbate while He jerked His cock and He told me that He would like to take me to a pub and pick up some men and let them jerk off and see who could get the most semen in my mouth. I came as He came and I tried to stay still as my body convulsed. His semen landed on my face and on my chin and I caught some with my tongue.

W/we showered, content to touch each other and hold each other and laugh together. He told me that the bra I wore needed to push my breasts up and together so that the marks would sting and keep my pussy wet. He approved of a top that showed off some of the deep red lines.

The appointment was to sign the contracts for the house. (Yes, W/we got the house!) W/we exchange contracts at the end of the month. I was on the edge of my chair with excitement and flushed with arousal and when W/we were left alone for a moment, Mac reached between my legs and made me come. He grinned at my attempts to compose myself before the lawyer came back.

W/we went to lunch and made me come again while W/we waited for O/our food. I was biting my already sore lip and gripping the arms of the chair so tight that my knuckles were white, trying so very hard not to even whimper.

When W/we arrived home He used me for His pleasure, without regard to my orgasm, just taking His own as He bent me over the back of the couch and fucked me. I thrilled to hear and feel Him come. I felt His ownership deeper and His love stronger and I realised that I am happy in this place. More than happy, I am thrilled and aroused and filled.

I sat on my own, thinking this over while Mac got some urgent work done. And then I went to Him and knelt beside His chair. I wont go into detail, as some things belong to Mac and I and this is one of them. I will just say I asked Mac if He would allow me to submit completely to Him.

He decided to allow it.

I feel like I have come home.

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