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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Dear Matthew, I ache to be your captive. I wish I was your little bird, but you already have one to play with. You say that you have loved others, tell me Matthew, could I be someone that you love? There are parts of me that already love you.

For those of you who haven't met Matthew, perhaps you should. Matthew is one of the characters in remittance girl's short story Divestiture. It is written in blog form so start in the archives and work your way back to the latest post.

Mac knows I fall in love with men in movies and in stories. He knows I fall in love with girls too. He knows I laugh with them and cry with them. I suffer through their defeats and celebrate their triumphs. He also knows that I believe in fairies and He is ok with that. In fact, I think it makes Him love me more.

I have been thinking about rugby players. I have a thing for them. I have a huge thing for them. There is something about being in a room full of rugby players that makes me feel so very small. Tiny. Petite. At any moment any one of them could crush me into nothingness. It always leaves me so breathlessly wet to be around men like that.

I wrote this fantasy about what it could be like to be the after game entertainment. The girl that is used to drain them of the build up of testosterone. I don't want them after they have showered. I want them fresh from the game, still with the dirt on their hands. I want them the roughest they can be. Rugby players. Mmmmm.

She knelt upon the hard concrete floor and tried not to stare too much as they milled about the room around her. She could smell them, the smell of real men, of sweat and dirt and adrenaline. She wanted them. She wanted them all. Her stomach clenched at the thought that He would let them have her.

There was no gentleness to the hands that placed her easily in position over a man lying on his back. His cock pressed against her ass and she squirmed and wriggled to help him enter her, gasping as he did. She was pulled down so her back was pressed against his stomach, her ass still full of his cock. She felt another press against her pussy and her breath caught in her throat. She knew what was going to happen and still she grunted as he entered her, making her feel as though she was being split open. She cried out to murmurs of appreciation around her. She felt them both start to move inside her and opened her mouth to moan only to have a cock thrust inside it, her hair held tightly by a hand. She turned her head further to better accommodate this new intrusion as the feeling of fullness overwhelmed her. Her muscles were contracting tightly and she tried to concentrate on bringing each of the men inside her to orgasm. She felt a mouth upon her breast and her hand reached out for where the cock should be followed quickly with the same on the other side. She suddenly knew none of her body belonged to herself. She had given herself totally over to His control.

She let herself react to each of the sensations inside her, willing her body to be as pleasing as it could be. She heard the man beneath her groan and spill into her ass as the cock in her mouth spurted inside her. She concentrated on finishing each properly contracting her muscles as she did her best to swallow. The male in her pussy pulsed inside her and groaned as she pulled the last of the semen from the man in her ass. The cocks in her hands were released briefly as her position was changed to take three more men. She bucked and writhed against each as once more she was filled. She heard another man groan and knew from the hot spurts across her tits that another male had come. Her hand was not left empty for long. She was not given any respite even when her own body shuddered in orgasm, each becoming more intense causing her to cry out, sometimes muffled by the cock in her mouth. Each of her cries was met with more excitement from those around her. At some time during the night He pulled her to Him from where she lay and asked her if she had had enough. She looked at Him still drunk on lust and asked for more.

She shuddered and writhed and screamed some more as men came back to have her again. Her ass ached and her pussy throbbed, her mouth was sore from the constant abuse and her tits were red and bruised and covered in come and still she accepted more men inside her. She whimpered and she cried and she bought them to orgasm then took some more. Even after He called a stop to the use of her ass and pussy she knelt and sucked and jerked and showered herself in some more.

The room had quietened considerably when she suddenly realised that she was no longer being used. She jumped and struggled against the arms around her. He whispered to her softly. Soothing words that calmed her and she relaxed back against Him. She felt the roughness of a blanket against her skin and she wondered how long she had been sitting in His lap. She didn't remember being moved from the floor or being wrapped in the blanket. She realised that she ached all over, a dull warm ache that filled her with contentment but something deep inside her wanted more. She struggled up to see His eyes.
'Enough' He said simply before she had even asked. 'You have pleased me, slut.'

She saw He meant it and she snuggled back into His chest. He held her tightly against Him. She loved Him more than she thought she could.

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