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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I did go to Mac yesterday. After I had posted I went to His study and stood next to His desk, shifting from foot to foot like a nervous child.

'What's up?' He asked.
'Can I kneel beside You for a while?'
'Is something wrong?'

Ouch. That grazed me. It has been so long since I have knelt beside Him that He wondered if something was wrong to make me seek shelter there. In a way I guess He was right. There was something wrong, but it wasn't something I was hiding from, just something I needed.

W/we talked. I asked Him to read the post and He did. He understood that I needed to indulge my submissive side. The memory of O/our sex made Him throb. He asked me if it had made me throb too. It had.

'Kneel then, and pleasure Me.'

I did as I was told. I used my tongue and my hands and my knowledge of what He likes to bring Him to orgasm in my mouth. When He came I didn't swallow, just let His semen ooze from my mouth as He pushed into me again and again. He moaned. I smiled up at Him with my eyes. When He withdrew I followed His cock with my tongue, trying to win it back. He grinned at me. He called it lovely sex, very nourishing and He was right, it felt good all over. It fed U/us both.

He told me He had to go to the office and I would have let Him go, but the sight of His girl kneeling with His semen still hot on her breasts was a little too much for Him. He used me again. This time I found myself filled with two dildos while He told me of His desire to see me in stockings and stilettos. I came and came and came. Then I came a few times more. He played with me until He was ready to come again, then His cock replaced the dildo in my ass and He came inside me again.

W/we talked some more and then I had to hurry Him up so that He wouldn't be any later than He already was. He left without feeling any of the guilt I had been putting on Him. I didn't feel any of the frustration either. It was nice.

After He was gone I got dressed to go out and pick up a few things. I put on a skirt and low cut top, stockings and high heels (though not stilettos) then I did something I haven't done in the longest time. I left Mac a voice message telling Him exactly what I was wearing, and that I was wearing it for Him.

When I got home I left Him another message, letting Him know I was here. An hour later His car pulled up out the front and I quickly preened myself and went to stand on the stairs so that He would see me when He first walked in. He opened the door and looked me over.

'Shoes.' He said and I looked at my feet and gasped because I had forgotten to put my shoes back on. I raced back up the stairs and Mac followed. I went to my room and grabbed the shoes out from under my desk and put them on my feet. I could hear Him in O/our bedroom.

'Lipstick.' He called out. 'Red.'

I went to the bathroom and grabbed the red lipstick and took it with me to the bedroom. I had a feeling He wanted it for more than just my lips. He had pulled the chair over to the end of the bed and He relaxed in it and told me to sit on the end of the bed. I pulled the skirt up and sat with my legs apart so that He could see my pussy. He told me to pull my top down and I slipped the straps of my bra off my shoulders and bared my breasts to Him. I slowly painted my nipples red.

He said He wanted my lips red too and I quickly complied. I was breathless with lust. Shaking with need. He looked at me and licked His lips.

'Whore.' He hissed. I wanted Him so badly.

He stood and undid His pants. His cock was huge and pulsing and never had it been so desired. He told me to kneel and I did and He ran the head of His cock over my lips, mixing the precum with my lipstick, smearing it across my face. I parted my lips and He slid inside me to rest on my tongue.

Then His phone rang. W/we both looked at the drawers it was sitting on.

'Ignore it.' He decided.

Then the doorbell rang. He looked at me. I thought about it.

'Delivery men,' I said. 'The dining setting and the hutch.'

W/we both sighed and He zipped up His pants and grabbed for the phone and took it with Him to get the door while I ducked into the bathroom to make repairs before heading downstairs to have things put where I wanted. They were still unpacking the hutch when Mac came back downstairs carrying His briefcase. W/we smiled at each other wryly.

He pulled me aside and kissed me deeply.

'Thankyou,' He said and I smiled at His smile. 'Little slut.' W/we both grinned. I knew He wouldn't be home before I went to bed so I kissed Him again and told Him that I hoped I filled His thoughts. I was still shaking when He left. I wanted Him so much.

I don't know what time He got home. He didn't wake me when He did, but this morning W/we made up for yesterday's interruptions and it was delicious sex, but W/we couldn't recapture the intensity of yesterday.

Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way of what you know is going to be mind blowing sex?

I do.

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